Instructor: Heather Long

June 1-30   Fee:  $50

Getting Serious About Writing Your Book

Formerly known as the pre-writing workshop, the course has been updated with fresh material, exercises, and the option of a one-on-one critique of your first ten pages.

This method has helped Heather write over 100 books in eight years. Students of the method have found a measure of success in achieving their writing goals, including completing novels where they hadn’t been able to complete before, overcoming story or plotting issues, and making more efficient use of their writing time. The tools you will acquire will also help you pay-it-forward to the next book, and the book after that. For series writers, there will be tools specifically geared towards writing a series.


  • You will answer Heather’s top ten questions of what you need to know before you start writing that book.
  • You will figure out what you need to research.
  • You will develop a road map for your book, including the beats you need to hit.
  • You will get some time management techniques for creating writing windows in your writing schedule.
  • You will warm up your words per hour with sprints.
  • You will develop your plot, your characterization and your storytelling
  • You will eliminate obstacles, develop your toolbox, and write that novel you can see and hear in your mind.


Class will include a dedicated Facebook group for discussion as well as a mailing list to receive materials.

New material will be posted Thursdays, allowing you the weekends for worksheets/writing assignments.

Suggested reading material:  (optional)

The Emotion Thesaurus

Positive Traits

Negative Traits


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