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The white man blamed the Indians saying they used their mojo on them.

The Indians blamed the white man saying they angered the spirits.

The survivors know it doesn’t matter.

Meet the fevered hearts, the men and women who survived spirit fever.  Forever changed, these are their stories.


Marshal of Hel Dorado
Book 1

Meet Sam Kane. The oldest brother, the steadfast son, the confidant marshal – he’s never met a problem to hot to handle.


BraveAreTheLonely_400x600Brave Are the Lonely
Book 2

Meet Cody. Wolf brother, wild cowboy, wicked lover – he’s never met a woman who can handle him.
MicahMrsMiller400x600Micah & Mrs. Miller
Book 3

Meet Micah Kane. The second son, the helpful one, the protector of those he loves. He’s never met a challenge he couldn’t overcome.


Fistful_200x300A Fistful of Dreams
Book 4

Meet Buck. Spirit brother, dream walker, shaman’s son—he’s never been at the mercy of his abilities nor hungered for violence…until her.



Raising Kane

Raising Kane
Book 5

Meet Kid Kane. The youngest brother, the passionate one, the one who lives with his soul exposed—he’s never met a woman he can’t seduce.


Wanted_600x900Wanted Fevered or Alive

Book 6

Meet Jason Kane. The third son, the secretive one, the keeper of lies—he’s driven by personal demons he can’t outrun. A man on a mission, he wants what he can never have…


FH_Wild_1400x2100Wild and Fevered

Fevered Hearts Novella

Quick_1400x2700The Quick and Fevered
Book 7

Meet Jimmy. Quiet brother, sharp shooter, dangerous one—to save his family he must leave them and undertake a mission where the only certainty is death.


A Man Called Wyatt
Book 8