Jacob’s Trial
Forbidden Legacy #2
Siren Publishing
ISBN: 1622415515

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New alliances are threatened…

 Wizard Jacob, Fae Helcyon and their paramour Cassandra have set up a household together. Jacob and Helcyon have accepted the other in Cassie’s life, but they must work to realize that they need each other too in order to become a true trio.

Dark pacts are revealed… 

The Fae are trending world wide, but the arrival of many dangerous beings, old foes and new friends bring about charges of treason for Jacob and a new danger for Cassie.  Intrigue closes in on all sides as factions jockey for power in the divided Wizard Council.

One legacy may unite them…

Helcyon and Jacob are determined to keep the woman they love safe, but danger lurks at every turn and the old ways threaten their future.

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