Willow Bend

Mason Clayborne—Alpha of Willow Bend, mate of Alexis, father of Melissa, son of Andrew and Melissa Clayborne (both deceased).

Alexis Clayborne—Mate of Mason, mother of Melissa, daughter of Ryan and Tiffany Huston (adopted by Ryan), older sister to Kyle Huston. Turned wolf.

Ryan Huston—Attorney for Willow Bend pack, father of Alexis (adopted) and Kyle, mate and husband to Tiffany. Counselor to Mason.

Tiffany Huston—Wife and mate of Ryan, mother to Alexis and Kyle. Turned wolf.

Toman Carlyle—Former Alpha of Willow Bend (Deceased)

Felicia Carlyle—Widow Mate to the former Alpha of Willow Bend, counselor to Mason.

Will Montgomery—Businessman, IT specialist, mate to Linda, father of Margo, Matt, and Robbie. Uncle to Mike.

Linda Montgomery—Mate to Will, mother of Margo, Matt and Robbie. Aunt to Mike.

Matt Montgomery—Electrical engineer, brother of Margo and Robbie, son of Will and Linda

Robbie Montgomery—Volunteer firefighter. IT specialist. Brother of Margo and Matt, cousin of Mike. Son of Will and Linda.

Mike Montgomery—Architecture student, cousin to Margo, Robbie and Matt.

Sarah Sexton—Owner of Sexton’s Grocery

Kirk Carver—Legal accountant, human member of Willow Bend, involved in formation of sixth pack

Melanie DeWitt—Computer technician, information specialist. Human packmate. Participated in the formation of the sixth U.S. pack

Frannie Williams—Turned wolf. Daughter of a human pack family.

Shiloh Sullivan—Human pack member, daughter of Delia and Hank. Assisted in formation of Sixth U.S. pack. Newly returned to Willow Bend

Delia Sullivan—Mother of Shiloh, Amelia, Donny. Wife of Hank. Runs a home cleaning business.

Hank Sullivan—Father of Shiloh, Amelia, Donny. Husband of Delia. Runs a home cleaning business.

Nana Sullivan—Mother of Hank, grandmother of Shiloh, Donny, Stephen and Amelia.

Amelia Sullivan—Sister of Shiloh, Donny, and Stephen. . Works for her parents.

Donny Sullivan—Brother of Shiloh, Amelia and Stephen. Works for his parents.

Stephen Sullivan – Brother of Shiloh, Amelia, and Donny.

Owen Chase—Senior Hunter, Willow Bend, counselor to Mason. Mate of Gillian

Gillian Whitford Chase —Healer, Mate to Owen Chase, travels with Owen on his routes.

A.J. Buckley—The eldest of the Buckley triplets. Willow Bend Second, First Lieutenant and counselor to Mason Clayborne, mate of Vivian

Vivian Knox Buckley—Software programmer, mate to A.J. Turned wolf.

Tyler Buckley—Youngest of the Buckley triplets, Tyler works with the juvenile boys for training and anger management

Claire Buckley— Mate of Tyler, recently returned to Willow Bend and instructor for mid-year group youths.

Claudia Buckley—Mother of A.J., Linc, Tyler, and Ranae. Mate to Virgil.

Virgil Buckley—Father of A.J., Linc, Tyler, and Ranae, Mate to Claudia. Virgil works as a vehicle mechanic

Ranae Buckley—Youngest Buckley sibling, student

Emma Halifax—Pack Healer, mate to Thomas

Thomas Halifax – Mate to Emma, retired Army Medic, gardener

Dylan Royce – Hunter, second to Owen Chase, taking lead in Owen’s absence

Collin Freeman – Hunter, assigned to liaise within Three Rivers, monitor and report.

Former Pack Members

Margo Montgomery Esposito— Former Enforcer, southern region—now mate to Salvatore Esposito, Alpha of Seven Hills in Italy.

Lincoln Buckley—Second eldest of the Buckley triplets. Mate to Serafina Andre of Delta Crescent, no longer living in Willow Bend.

Delta Crescent Wolves 

Serafina Andre—Alpha, Delta Crescent

Amy LangeTraiteur, Delta Crescent

Trish LeClere – Hound, Delta Crescent and sister to Jerome

Jerome LeClere – Hound, Delta Crescent and brother to Trish

Hugo Ferrer – Hound, Delta Crescent

Rene Victor – Senior Advisor to Serafina Andre

Old Joe White – Retired Hound, Senior Advisor to Serafina Andre

Regina Prosper – Artiste in Residence, Serafina’s cousin on her mother’s side

Etienne Andre – Lieutenant, Delta Crescent – Serafina’s brother and her second in command.

Hudson River Wolves 

Brett Dalton – Alpha, Hudson River

Trent – Healer potential, Hudson River

Sutter Butte Wolves

Cassius – Alpha, Sutter Butte

Johnny Blaze – Hunter, Sutter Butte

Laurel Jacobs – Hunter, Sutter Butte

Bianca Jessup – Healer, Sutter Butte

Yukon Wolves

Diesel – Alpha, Yukon

Cheryl “Fluff” Carter – Sentry, Yukon

Benjamin “Chowder” Strieb – Healer, Yukon – Brother to Grinder

Gerald “Grinder” Strieb – Sentry, Yukon – Brother to Chowder

Three Rivers Wolves

Luciana Barrows – Alpha, mate of Rayne. Sister to Salvatore Esposito, Seven Hills.

Rayne Barrows – Mate of Luciana. Former Hound Delta Crescent, former Lone Wolf.

Chrystal Landros – Former Lone Wolf, photographer and painter


Julian – Chief Enforcer, most senior Enforcer for the U.S.

John Nelson Enforcer, southeastern region

Hadley – Enforcer, Midwest region

Adler Enforcer, Western region

Julian – Prime Enforcer

Calitri – Enforcer, central region

Seven Hills (Italy)

Salvatore Esposito – Pack Alpha, brother of Luciana Esposito

Giovanni – Centurion, Seven Hills Hunter