10 Reasons Why Writing is Like Exercise

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October 17, 2012
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October 19, 2012

Whenever I get asked about the best advice to give an aspiring author or pre-published writer, I always say “write, write, write” and when you’re tired, “write some more.”  Recently, I had a discussion with some teachers about mentoring younger writers, particularly those seeking to turn their writing into a career as a published author and I was again asked, “what is the best advice I can give them?”


Yes, it really is that simple. Most authors will not turn into J.K. Rowling or Stephen King overnight. Hell, they didn’t become a success overnight either. But they both possessed perseverance and commitment to their goals. What did they do? They wrote.

Writing is a Muscle

The more you write, the stronger your muscle becomes. So here are my ten reasons why writing is like exercise (and why the principles of one serve the other!)

  1. You start small and build on success. Writers who are just starting out will experience an accomplishment at 250 words a day, over time, you build your stamina and can write 2500 a day, etc.
  2. Writing every day at the same time helps you stay focused, and builds on the success of the previous day.
  3. Also, each success builds a new success, but once you reach a comfortable plateau–you need to find ways to push yourself.
  4. When something isn’t working, shake it up. For example, taking writing classes like fitness classes can force you to use different muscle groups.
  5. Writing partners like fitness partners can help you stay motivated.
  6. Both require a system of checks, balances, and rewards. When you meet your goals, reward them.
  7. Shifting genres is a lot like switching up your routine, like trading the elliptical for a Zumba class.
  8. You absolutely need down days, but no more than one or two, so you don’t lose your momentum.
  9. When you stop for a length of time (14 days or more) it can feel like you’re starting over at the beginning.
  10. Not every style works for every writer, you have to find the one that’s a good fit for you.

Fitness classes can shake up your workout routine and so can writing classes. Personal trainers in fitness keep you on target and we all have people in our lives who can provide us with that sharp kick in the ass when we need it.

Writing is exactly like exercise–and I am Iron(wo)man.

Are you?

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  1. Ali says:

    Writing is definitely like exercise 🙂
    Great post!

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