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October 26, 2011
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Cowboys are hot, rugged and sexy.  The image of the cowboy dates back to before our great-grandparents were born when nickel novels shared the mad adventures of cowboys like Wild ‘Bill’ Hickok and “Buffalo Bill” Cody and more.  These pulp fiction novels were wildly popular in the ‘civilized’ eastern states because it seemed difficult to imagine the rugged survivalists who lived off the back of their horses, wrangling cattle, wearing guns on their hips and meeting life on their terms.

That fascination has hardly changed today where the cowboy is as popular with readers as he is with writers. I grew up on a steady diet of Bonanza, Wild Wild West, The Rifleman, Big Valley and more.  These shows all featured good looking cowboys doing what needed to be done.

Is it any wonder that my most recent release relishes life with stetson wearing cowboys (and girls) in the 1850s Texas west?  The untamed land? The unforgiving weather? And a whole new world of possibilities are waiting for cowboys to explore.  So in no short order, here are my top ten things that I love about … cowboys.  Feel free to post your own thoughts and reasons.  I’ll draw one or two winners from the comments to get a free copy of Marshal of Hel Dorado.

It’s X-Men meets Young Guns.

10 Things I Love About…Cowboys

  1. Cowboys aren’t afraid to get down and dirty whether it’s rescuing their woman or repairing a fence. 
  2. Cowboys don’t need a lot of words to get their message across.
  3. Cowboys aren’t afraid of a hard day’s work or providing for their family no matter what the personal cost is.
  4. When a cowboy falls off a horse, he gets right back up again.
  5. Cowboys are less worried about looking good, and focus on being good at what they do.
  6. Cowboys love their horses and take the time to care for their animals.
  7. Cowboys respect their mamas, most of the time and even the worst of the worst will take his hat off in a church.
  8. Hard work builds hard bodies, most cowboys look great shirtless.
  9. When a cowboy grins, the crinkles at the corners of his eyes will tug at your heart.
  10. When meeting a lady, they touch the brim of their hat (or take it off), smile and say ma’am.  Politeness is ingrained in most cowboys. 
What do you love about cowboys?  I’ll draw winners sometime next week!


  1. My favorite thing about the Texas cowboys is that drawl when they say "darlin'". They always say it like they mean it and that the woman to whom they're speaking is the most important in the world. *shiver and grin*

    Thanks for the list. You nailed all the best things about cowboys.

    nevadafox at gmail dot com

  2. marybelle says:

    I love the fact that cowboys are a breed apart. They have values that you don't see elsewhere. I also love a slow smile that creeps over a handsome face.


  3. Heather Long says:

    Siobhan I love a cowboy who drawls 'darlin'' Awesome call! And Marybelle, I agree, they are a breed apart, they are conservative and liberal rolled up in a rugged package.

  4. lisagk says:

    Along with all the things listed, including that drawl, this Texas girl loves a cowboy's loyalty and his attitude about family.

  5. I love the chivalry of a cowboy. Most of them would never let a woman open a door, carry a heavy box or shoot their own dinner 🙂

    By the way, I can't tell you how long it took me to read this post because I was too busy drooling over the picture. My oh My he is pretty.

  6. Heather Long says:

    Dawn, I like that — the chivalry of the cowboy, they are like the Knights of the Wild Wild West — sweet. Yeah, I couldn't stop drool–er—staring at him either when I was looking for a good cowboy pic.

    LisaGK – Yes, the cowboy's loyalty is one quality that I think must be admired, particularly today when that seems to be in rare quantity.

  7. Heather Long says:

    Giveaway closed, winner notified! Thanks for your entries and be sure to visit against for more giveaway chances and book news.

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