Salute to the Marines: Her Marine Release Day
July 3, 2012
A Year In Review
July 9, 2012

Welcome to your Always a Marine blog hop.  This sub-series kicked off in early April and the fifth book released on Tuesday, July 3rd.  With stories that include second chances at love, a menage to feel alive, and a fantasy come true and more, Always a Marine is very close to my heart. For a chance to win any one of the books listed here, leave a comment about your favorite type of military romance and heroes.

About the Marine Corp

This truism is now the official motto of the Marine Corps League. The origin of the statement is credited to a gung-ho Marine Corps master sergeant, Paul Woyshner. During a barroom argument he shouted, “Once a Marine, always a Marine!” MSgt. Woyshner was right. Once the title “U.S. Marine” has been earned, it is retained. There are no ex-Marines or former-Marines. There are active duty Marines, retired Marines, reserve Marines, and Marine veterans. Nonetheless, once one has earned the title, he remains a Marine for life.USMC Heritage 

Always a Marine

1Night Stand is the business name of an exclusive online dating service run by Madame Evangeline who provides her clients with a possibility of happily ever after or happily for now.

Always a Marine is dedicated to finding happiness for the men and women in uniform. The series currently features five titles:

Once Her Man Always Her Man
Can Luke and Rebecca bridge the pain of a decade long abandonment in one cold Texas night?

Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here
Logan, Jazz and Zach shared everything, but will one night be enough?

Tell It To The Marine
Take one Marine and introduce him to the movie star of his dreams and it sounds like a script right out of Hollywood, but for James Westwood and Lauren Kincaid, reality just might be the ticket they’ve both been searching for…

Proud To Serve Her
Sparks fly, wine pours and what follows is a total seduction of the senses as Damon prepares a birthday that Helena will never forget.

Her Marine
The last thing either expected was a soul deep connection that brings them both wonder, but is the spark of lust enough to bring these two loners in from the cold?

Saluting My Marines

Blog Hop Rules & Info

1NS Blog Hop
July 5 – 8, 2012
32 participating authors!
Thanks to the generous donations from participating authors AND Decadent Publishing, we are offering THREE Grand Prizes!!

1st place – A Kindle Touch

2nd place – a $50 gift certificate

3rd place – a box of Goodies from Coffee Time Romance – US ONLY (books, swag and other goodies)

Plus, win prizes at every stop of the blog hop!

Don’t forget to leave a comment about your favorite type of military romance or hero for a chance to win a free e-copy of one of these books and don’t miss the Joyfully Reviewed hosted Twitter chat tonight at hashtag #JoyfullyMarines.  It begins at 6 p.m. CST on Thursday, July 5. Don’t have Twitter? Just follow along in the feed on the left!


  1. Thanks for participating in the blog hop, Heather!

    Any military romance is hot. I don't have a favorite, but I'll take them all. 🙂

  2. Yvette says:

    Thanks for the chance to win…military romance? doesn't matter as long as there is a man in a uniform.

  3. D L Jackson says:

    Here again is another of my favorites. I'm an Army vet so military romance is often my go-to read when I'm jonesing for a love story. And I love it even more when an author gets the details right. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Melissa Keir says:

    Hi Heather..Marines are such wonderful heroes. They give their all including their lives. I read Once Her Man and just loved it!

    • Heather Long says:


      So glad you loved Luke and Rebecca's story. Luke represented a lot of what makes Marines so strong and so tough, and it is those strengths that make him vulnerable and need love just like the rest of us.

  5. marybelle says:

    I'll take them all. I am in awe. Although if pushed I have to say a Marine has the edge.


  6. I've read books – in your series and loved them! I love a good sexy romance!

  7. Brenda Demko says:

    If It's a military romance, it's hot! I can't pick a favorite because they are all good. 😀

  8. Felicia says:

    I have really gotten into military romances – like the other commenters here, I enjoy them all. They all rock!


  9. Jlhmass says:

    Choose a favorite kind of military romance? I can't! I love military men. They are all heroes – doesn't matter which branch. Thanks for the giveaway!

    jlhmass at yahoo dot com

  10. Erykah Wyck says:

    Love me some Marines, can't wait to read your books 🙂 They are on my wish list.

    Erykah.Wyck (at) gmail dot com

  11. Arlene says:

    Five tittles all military related romances? Wow. Can't go wrong with any of these. There are so many talented Decadent authurs, and this blog hop is one sweet way to add to my must read pile.

    • Heather Long says:


      I am a huge fan of the 1Night Stand line – so many different types of stories and so many talented authors. No matter where you start, you should find something good.

  12. Drea Becraft says:

    I've read the first couple of books in this series and I LOVED THEM! I need to pick up the last few. I can't wait to read them.


  13. beckymoore says:

    First of all, congratulations on your new release, particularly in time to help celebrate our nation's independence day! My dad is a Vietnam veteran who has faced horrible emotional and psychological dispair in the decades since, so straight-up accounts of war are very troublesome to me. As a result, I love to read about over-the-top strong, aggressive special forces soldiers who are unparalleled on the battlefield, and take no prisoners where love is concerned. That's the way I imagine my dad imagines himself. 🙂

  14. Tracy says:

    I have read a couple of the 1NS titles and loved them. I haven't read any of your titles yet, but I plan to rectify that in the future. They sound great!

    I haven't read much military romance so I have to go by the movies I have seen which means I loved "An Officer and A Gentleman" and "Dear John".


  15. JM says:

    Any military romance is worth reading. I love them, can't get enough of them!

  16. Carin says:

    I love military romance because men in the military tend to be more "alpha" I have read quite a few with Navy SEAL's in them (yummy) I love, love, love the idea of romance's with Marines.

  17. I actually read my first military romance this week & I loved it. So I will definitely read more of them.
    vanessa at thejeepdiva (dot) com

  18. kimmyl says:

    I love reading about the special ops. So romantic and yet so dangerous.

  19. Kerry says:

    My favorite type of military man–well, I would read about any hot guy in uniform. 🙂 I haven't read any of the SEAL books, but they do sound intriguing. I love the titles you have come up with for your series.

    • Heather Long says:


      The titles were actually one of the fun parts of this series. I'm one of those writers who NEEDS a title to write, even if it isn't the final. Fortunately, all of these stuck.

  20. The stories sound great. How can anyone not love a marine!

  21. Military heroes are my absolute favorite to read and write! Love the tortured, wounded warriors the best! Thanks so much for the blog hop and giveaway! Can't wait to read your books!

  22. Stephanie says:

    Any military romance is a winner for me. They are hot and sexy whether their are Army, Marines, Airforce, or Navy. As long as the author stays true to the hero's character, I'm hooked.

    • Heather Long says:


      It really is a challenge sometimes, for me anyway, because romantic doesn't have to just be "sweet" – it can be "strong" and "silent" too.

  23. andieleah says:

    My fav military book requirements…hot, wickedly sexy, stacked, alpha bad boy!!! I'm not picky at all! Lol.

  24. Lucky says:

    Interesting story !

  25. Anne says:

    I'm particial to SEAL hroes. Maybe because the author can be really flexible with the story background (not that it seems to prevent the same with other military branches).

  26. My favorite type of military romance hero is a marine. Marines are some of the toughest, so it's always nice to get a little of that in the bedroom, but also see them have a soft side as they fall in love. Just gets me.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Any type of military romance hero is good for me, just depends on the character and storyline.

    strive4bst at yahoo dot com

  28. V.S. Morgan says:

    Hi Heather,

    Just stopping by to say hi to a fellow DP author. I really enjoy your Marine series!

  29. StacieD says:

    I love SEALs and Special Ops heroes. They are hot, skilled and brave.

    geishasmom73 at yahoo dot com

  30. Nay Nay says:

    Woohoo! I love blog hopping!
    I have always had a fascination for the Marines.
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  31. Rana Adams says:

    Thank you for sharing Miss Heather! As for military romance, I grew up in an Air Force town, but Daddy was in the Navy so I will have to say I will take them all! LOL! Seriously, any military man can be super sexy and extremely romantic!! Happy writing and I look forward to this lil blog hop!

  32. Margay says:

    I'm not picky – any man in uniform will do for me!

  33. bas1chs says:

    Thanks for being part of the hop!
    I love Jessica Scott's Because of You, Lorelei James' Shoulda Been a Cowboy, and Laura Kaye's Her Forbidden Hero.
    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

  34. OH…I love men in uniform. We have a Coast Guard Cutter stationed in our town and I love when the ship is home. It really feels like something is missing when they're away on assignment. SO, I'd have to go with Coast Guard.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  35. Susan W. says:

    Don't make me choose which military romance is my favorite. If there is a military hero in it then it will be a fav read! Military men and women are the epitome of bravery, strength, and honor no matter which branch they are from. Thanks for the giveaway!


  36. Sue Sattler says:

    My son was in the Army, so I suppose I should stick with them, but I love any stories that revolve around the military.


  37. cool! Hi Heather!

  38. Julianne says:

    As long as he's wearing a uniform, it's romantic for me.
    I'm so excited about this hop, I've been looking forward to it since I found out about it.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  39. Phuong says:

    I love all types of military romance and heroes. They are all so strong, confident and super sexy. Thanks for chance at giveaway.

  40. Zee Monodee says:

    My favourite military heroes are the dangerous, undercover types like the Navy SEALs. 🙂

    zeemonodee [at] hotmail [dot] com

  41. Molly says:

    My mission just keeps getting better and better! I'm on a mission to collect them all for Mr. Kade…that's my Kindle by the way 😀 I definitely have to say that a sexy Alpha SEAL is my kinda military hero…one who looks big and bad on the outside taking charge, but is really a sensitive super sexy tender heart on the inside 🙂 Thanks! molly(@)reviewsbymolly(.)com

  42. Cate Masters says:

    Love a guy in uniform. 🙂 Your stories sound wonderful.

  43. Lisa says:

    I love a man in uniform. Any branch of the military works for me, but if I must choose, Marines are my favorite.


  44. Sara Daniel says:

    I personally love romances about a military hero who's wounded (either physically or emotionally). It's so wonderful to watch the heroine heal him.

    sarashafer at rocketmail dot com

  45. Amy S. says:

    I like reading about Navy Seals. I relly love reading any book that has a military hero in it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Toni says:

    I really enjoy any elite branch of the military. The things they have to endure just to be deemed the best is amazing. They deserve it all the way.


  47. I'm not picky when it comes to men in uniforms. I loved the Holding Out for a Hero series by Shelli Stevens which has military, a coast guard, a sheriff, and a firefighter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. bn100 says:

    I like to read about the navy and their operations.


  49. Viari Rose says:

    I'd have to go with Marines.

  50. Too many to choose from really…however, as much as I love reading most of them, my faves are the Spec. Ops! 😀

    teresa dot miller at tigerblossom dot com

  51. Emily says:

    My fave type of military romance are the ones that end happily. LOL, I am not a fan of unhappy ever afters. And I love m/m romances. Overcoming odds? Check. Hot, smexy guys in uniform? Check. Happy ever after? Check. Anyways, thanks for participating!


  52. RaeBeth says:

    There are way too many to choose from. I'm always up for any that deals with the Marines. My fiance is a Marine so I am proud of him and love reading about the military. Even if it is fiction.

  53. Mel Bourn says:

    There are lots of Military romances! One of my favorites is Melissa Schroeder.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  54. I love stories with military heroes and heroines. 🙂 There's something extra special about them.
    jvan823 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  55. I don't have a military preference! I think they all make for some awesome stories!

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!


  56. I love all military alike, so proud of what they do for our country. And love reading military stories 🙂


  57. Denise Z says:

    I agree and do not really have a preference. The only branch I can remember reading about specifically is the Seals. Thank you for the fun.

  58. June M. says:

    I read a lot of books about the marines. I think I would like more navy, possibly set either on a ship or on a submarine.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  59. JoAnna says:

    I have read some Navy Seal books. I don't think I have read any about a marine. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Beckerjo at verizon dot net

  60. I love the Military as a whole, I don't tend to read Navy as I am a navy brat…so just can't read about Navy men. But I still love them 🙂

    Just coming over to support all the other blog hop stops. 🙂

  61. Can warriors count? They are my favorite. In Contemporaries someone undercover. Gives more excitement.


  62. Tina B says:

    They all sound like fantastic stories. 🙂
    I really like all types of military heroes, but my favorite is SEALs. I have not read many books with Marine heroes, though. Thank you for the great giveaway.
    trb0917 at

  63. I guess my military romance is close to heart. My husband is an Army VFW. He was in Korea for a year. He was in a bad marriage and my husband had passed away over a year before. My son was dating his oldest daughter and he came by to pick him up to go help cut firewood to earn some money to take his daughter out to a movie. I wanted to take it slow since it had only been a year since my husband had died, but his idea of slow and mine were totally different. He was in the process of a divorce when we got together and he moved in with me as soon as it was final. My favorite memory of our budding romance was when we drove up to a lookout spot and parked. I had told him that I wanted to take it slow, the divorce wasn't final yet and I didn't want him to tell me he loved me. Slow. Well, he laid his head on my lap and looked up at me, running his hands along my hair and caressing my cheek. And since he couldn't tell me he loved me, what he told me instead was. "I can't think of any reason not to."

  64. Shadow says:

    I love military books. The whole good guy, in uniform, bit of a wounded hero, one that needs saving from himself…i love it! I especially like how the heroine comes in, sweeps the hero off his feet and shows him hes worthy of love. 😀 Im a big sucker for a wounded hero who needs love but just doesnt know it yet. Thank you so much for the giveaway and the awesome hop! 😀

  65. I have yet to read a military romance book. I'm always up for trying new things, so maybe I should pick one up! 🙂

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