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We’re stalking these wolves through the woods… #RomWolf #Excerpt @SarannaDeWylde
June 21, 2015
Seven more days before the wolves are loose! Are you ready to howl? #romwolf #99cents
June 23, 2015

In a little over a week, Romancing the Wolf will be live. We’ve spent months putting this project together and delved deep into favorite series to explore the world where our wolves run free. Are you ready to run a little wild with us?

Odd Mate (Odd Stuff Series, #4) by Virginia Nelson
Gretchen fell in love with Charly, a sweet, nerdy bear of a man but ran fast and hard from his side when she realized he’d hate her for a genetic twist of fate she couldn’t change. Now she’s back in town and drawn to his side. Can a wolf sworn to destroy all coyotes claim a coywolf mate or will he be forced to destroy the only girl he ever loved?


“Rise and shine, sleeping broody.” Trudy poked
him with her foot. “Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.”
One handed, he reached out and yanked her ankle
out from underneath her, pleased when she landed on her ass with an oof. “Knock
it off, Trudy,” he grumbled.
“Oh my goddess, I’m way too close to naked fuzz
Trudy’s comment and her immediate and hurried
rush to get away from him finally managed to make him open his eyes. He was
naked—blissfully, wonderfully naked. He’d made love to Gretchen all night long,
amazed by how all his imaginings of how they’d be together didn’t manage to live
up to the reality. He felt sore in all the right places, happy, replete.
Rolling, he scanned the forest. Birds sang. Bugs
buzzed. Leaves fluttered in the early afternoon breeze. The beauty of the scene
around him jangled warning bells in his head.
No Gretchen.
Sitting up fast, he scented for her. She wasn’t
anywhere nearby. Instead of bothering to put on clothes, he shifted fast. Trudy
stood nearby, watching him instead of her surroundings. The girl was badass
with the magic, but not so great at guarding.
Then again, he hadn’t bothered to tell her to
stand watch.
His bones shifted, cracking and popping as they
realigned in a rush of fur overtaking flesh. In moments, he stood on four feet,
shaking off the last vestiges of humanity in favor of his beast.
“Ew,” she said. “That was super gross. Could you
Rolling his eyes, he moved to her side, tugging
her pant leg with his teeth to suggest she should follow him. She obeyed, only
bitching a little. “So where are we off to? Because toward coffee would be
good. I mean, I came looking for you when you weren’t at camp—hard to
accomplish in the land of the tree mazes, but pretty easy with a quickie
locator spell.”
Charly slammed to a halt, staring up at her.
“What? Coffee? Yeah, great idea, right? Want me
to poof us to some Starbucks? Cuz, if that’s what you want…baby, I’m your gal.”
Trudy stopped moving when he’d stopped, swatting at a random horsefly.
The scent trail from Gretchen ended abruptly at
the creek, suggesting she’d walked in the water itself for a while—which
could’ve been coincidence or an intentional way to hide where she’d gone. A
locator spell would be rather handy. He continued to stare at the witch.
“I’m guessing you don’t want coffee. Although I
don’t speak dog, I can tell you’re giving me a dirty look. What is it, Lassie?
Is Timmy down a well?” Trudy smacked her legs, grinning at her own cleverness.

He growled at her.

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