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April 11, 2014
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Thank you Heather for allowing me to blog with you today!

I often get asked about my strong heroines.

All my life I’ve been surrounded by strong-willed women. My mother managed to raise four Alpha sons and two, take-no-bull daughters. Yes, there were six of us. We all quickly learned the value of doing whatever it took to get the job done because if we didn’t do it, it wouldn’t happen.

Military wives have to be the same way. When our husbands are deployed, or even if they are TDY for few weeks, we have to be in charge of everything. It takes a very strong woman to take the reins from an Alpha and an even stronger one to give them back when he returns.

Macho Marine and I have been married for thirty-five years and we have passed that control back and forth so often we now do it seamlessly…most of the time.

He’s Alpha to the core and the Corps. Did you know that Alphas attract Alphas? Most of our long-time friends are Alphas and their wives are some of the strongest women I know. We have to be to put up with them, and keep them under some semblance of control. Fortunately, they love us.

It’s my theory that Alphas need a strong woman and that’s why in my stories you will never find weak, needy women as heroines. I’m sorry, but I just can’t relate to them so I can’t write them into my characters. Mentally strong, emotionally resilient, get the job done attitude describes all my best friends who are also military wives.

Our strength is tested constantly. We are the ones who paste on a reassuring smile and kiss our husbands goodbye, knowing it may be the last time we taste them on our lips, feel their strong arms around us, pulling us to them as we imprint their toned bodies into our memories. We verbally assure them, and ourselves, that we can handle things at home, alone, and will keep the fires burning only for them.

We show Daddy’s picture to our children every day and pray for him as we tuck our little ones into bed, begging God to keep him safe. When they ask “When will Daddy be home?” we can’t give them a date because too often we have no idea. If we do happen to know, we can’t tell them because children don’t understand Operational Security. Then we call the plumber when the toddler flushes a plastic dinosaur down the toilet because she wants her Daddy, and Mommy just won’t do.

Military wives are so much like their husbands in their resilient fortitude; they do what they have to do to get the job done, because they are the only ones who can. When Daddy’s gone, no one else is going to take out the garbage, change the light bulb, check the oil in the car, and hold the crying toddler—or teenager—when the world seems like more than they can handle. Then they go to a cold bed and pray once again their beloved husband is safe. The next day they do it all over again, many while holding down full-time jobs or going to school.

They bear the weight of their world alone and put on a supportive smile when he Skypes from half-way around the world. He doesn’t need to know the details of yesterday’s teen meltdown or that his buddy’s wife is cheating. He just wants reassurance that his own wife has everything handled until he returns and that his family still loves him.

And when he does come home, she’s expected to step out of the roles of family Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Manager of Human Relations as well as Chief cook and folding fairy, and turn the family reins back over to him…right after she morphs into tiger-wife and satisfies his (and her) needs in bed.

In my stories, the heroines are strong women, like the ones I know in real life. This is why I dedicate my books to military wives…as well as the women who actively serve our country, but they are a blog for a different day.

Because of my affiliation with the military, I was able to convince my publisher to offer a 15% military discount on my new book, Explosive Combination.



Harper heard the click of her
bedroom door unlocking. Knowing her role as his pretend lover, she ran to the door.
“Who’s there?’
“It’s me.” Rafe strolled in as if
he had the right to her room, and her.
In nothing but dark silk boxers
riding low on narrow hips, he was outlined in yellow by the dim hall lights.
His broad shoulders filled the doorway. As he moved toward her, light caught
raised pectoral muscles and flashes of well-defined six-pack abs. His swagger
defined testosterone in motion. He was a specimen of pure male confidence and
He addressed the guards at the
door. “Take a break. I’ll let you know when you need to come back. I’m going to
enjoy my woman for a while.” He left the door open enough for his guards to
watch as he claimed Harper, yanking her into his arms and covering her mouth
with his.
His kiss was heaven and sin
wrapped in one hard body. And he was hard everywhere.
Rafe slipped his hands around
her, and she felt their heat through the thin silk of her nightgown. Intensity
built quickly within her, and she grabbed his head, shoving her fingers through
his silky dark curls. He pulled her forcefully against his body, but she didn’t
resist. No man had ever made her feel this way so fast.
At the click of the door, Harper
tried to shove Rafe back, but his solid body didn’t move. She had to get away
from him before she lost her senses, so she stepped out of his embrace.
“That should get them talking.” Her voice
was roughened, but she kept it low. “The whole compound will know you were in
my room by breakfast.” She walked over to the nightstand and pulled a bottle of
chilled water from an ice bucket. She needed to cool down, from the inside out.
She cracked the seal, chugged down half of it, and then set it on the
nightstand. “I’m going to bed…and to sleep.”
Cooper writes sizzling hot romantic suspense based in fact. Twenty-seven years
as a military wife has shown her the world and the men and women who protect it
every day. Thirty years in public relations taught her fact can be stranger
than fiction, but leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from
imagination. She melts fact and fiction together with blazing heat and
heart-pounding suspense at
Harper Tambini and Rafe Silva are lethal…together, they’re explosive.

Special Agent Harper Tambini is kidnapped by a Colombian drug lord and forced
to use her explosives knowledge to kill his competition before she can escape
with the help of undercover CIA agent Rafe Silva. As they make their way
through the rivers, mountains and jungles, their desire for each other
detonates. But Harper reminds Rafe of his murdered fiancée, and the shadow
world he wants to leave. Harper learned the hard way that men never stay, so
now she doesn’t keep them around long enough to see if the sparks can light a
fire that will last forever. In their short time together, can they crystalize
a relationship, or will it all blow up?

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