Of All the Spring Break Stories
March 23, 2010
A Few Good Men
March 25, 2010

Good morning Daily Dosers! What did you think of our Class of 2K10 Spring Break week? When I first issued the invitation, I had no idea how absolutely spectacular these authors would all be and what wonderful tales they would share. If you missed out on any of those Spring Break tales, I would urge you to check them out. I am going to let the spring break contest remain open for one more day. Then it will close tomorrow and I will draw the winner. Be sure to check back on Saturday for who gets the fantastic prize pail.

Our Spring Break

Part of the reason I invited these authors was to cover for me while I took off on my first real spring break in years. My daughter and I drove to Washington D.C. for a fantastic sojourn in Northern Virginia and the Capitol. During our visit, we strolled the National Mall, visited the Smithsonian, spent time contemplating the Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial and the Vietnam Wall.

At the Natural History Museum, we enjoyed a lengthy chat with real forensic anthropologists as they walked my daughter and I through identifying bone markers, including how to tell a female and male sacrum apart. The body was found, buried in the mid-Atlantic region. The nails in the coffin were similar to those used during colonial times prior to 1790. Her teeth indicated she was in her thirties. The length of her thigh bone told us she was approximately five foot two inches tall. Compression of the spinal column suggested hard labor with lots of heavy lifting. Seashells found around her neck were similar to those used as currency in Africa and Eastern Asia.

Each of these bits of information we had to discern from the comparisons and case data the anthropologist provided. Ultimately, we could infer that she was a woman in her thirties, likely from Africa, used to hard labor who died from unknown causes, but was then given a proper burial. While we don’t know what killed her, we might infer that she was an indentured servant or a slave, but we have no way to actually prove that and of course, we don’t have a name. My daughter dubbed her the Lady in Bone.

A Learning Vacation

The primary goal of our vacation was research coupled with time spent together. My novel Prime Evil is set in Northern Virginia and I lived there for many years. During this trip, I completed the research I needed to finish the second Chance Monroe novel and put together the outline for another new, standalone comedy romance. I learned a great deal about bodies and identification while also soaking up the rich, complex history present in our nation’s capitol.

It was a spectacular Spring Break.

So tell me, what did you do for your spring break?


  1. bigferret says:

    LOL! I wish I could say I had a spring break but no such luck. I worked last week in Charlotte, NC and this week in Baltimore, MD. New places, but not a lot of time to venture out…

  2. Lisa Pietsch says:

    No break for me. Had my nose to the grindstone the whole time you were out galavanting. Missed you!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    My break is over back to school my spring break was aweesome

  4. Lexie says:

    i don't really have a spring break, but for my sister's this year we're traveling down to our maternal grandparents house in NC to visit with our Pop Pop, GG, Aunt Amy (and her two daughters) and Uncle David (and his two kids). Plus my friend is coming out from Texas for a few days so it should be a jammed pack time!

  5. Didn't really have a Spring break. Firstly I live in the UK and secondly I'm a nurse so no break for me!! My ideal Spring break though would be a weekend away in Italy or Barcelona *dreams*

    Glad you had a nice time 🙂

  6. Ugh. Had to work. lol, I'm getting old in my old age! Lol, darn responsibilities! Oh well! I will always have my family and my books!

    Kate Leger aka YzhaBella
    mleger0546 (@) rogers (dot) com

  7. Heather says:

    That was great of the gals to cover for you while you were away! Sounds like you had an excellent time. My spring break was spent writing! Which of course I loved every minute of…

  8. Casse says:

    Bleh. Work. The one think I hate about being an adult…NO SPRING BREAK. No breaks at all. There should be a time when every adult can take a week (at the same time) and have a break from being grown up! WHO IS WITH ME?

  9. Mine is just starting so I will be reading in the sun and attempt to relax for a few days.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  10. Erica says:

    My srping break isn't til next week, but sadly I'm doing nothing.

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