Bargains and Betrayals: Shannon Delany

Never Again: Michele Bardsley
December 27, 2011
Texas Gothic: Rosemary Clement Moore
December 29, 2011

We’re counting down my top ten reads for 2011 and with the year fast on the wane, we’ve got just two books left to go.  The last two slots were filled by two terrific young adult books.  Today’s entry: Bargains and Betrayals is the third novel in the series that kicked off with 13 to Life.  Written by Shannon Delany, the series offers a fresh twist on werewolves, love, angst and the power of true compassion and affection.

Bargains and Betrayals

Locked away at Pecan Place, Jessie finds her situation to be even more dangerous than she feared. While she struggles to maintain her sanity and discover answers about the group that seems less and less like any legitimate government agency, Pietr fights to keep their relationship alive. But very aware that his mother’s time is running out, Pietr makes a deal he doesn’t dare tell Jessie about. Because the deal Pietr’s made could mean the death of far more than his tenuous relationship with the girl he loves.

Debut Series

Delany’s debut series has never failed to entertain nor make you want to turn that last page for the next book.  Book Four: Destiny and Deception and Book Five: Rivals and Retribution will be released in 2012.  I would imagine one or both will make next year’s top ten. 

Keep up with Shannon Delany via her website.

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