Always a Marine eBook Bundle 1

Once Her Man, Always Her Man, Book 1
Tell it to the Marine, Book 3
Proud to Serve Her, Book 4
Her Marine, Book 5





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Once Her Man, Always Her Man
Can Luke and Rebecca bridge the pain of a decade long abandonment in one cold Texas night?

Tell It To The Marine
Take one Marine and introduce him to the movie star of his dreams and it sounds like a script right out of Hollywood, but for James Westwood and Lauren Kincaid, reality just might be the ticket they?ve both been searching for?

Proud To Serve Her
Sparks fly, wine pours and what follows is a total seduction of the senses as Damon prepares a birthday that Helena will never forget.

Her Marine
The last thing Brody or Shannon expected was a soul deep connection that brings them both wonder, but is the spark of lust enough to bring these two loners in from the cold?