Her Elite Assets

Meet the women of Elite Metal, Ghosts, and Elements:

Sachi “Copper” James and Addison “Arsenic” Leeds come from two very different backgrounds, but these women are the best at what they do. This collection features two tales about Copper and one about Addison. Get ready for a wild and dangerous ride.

Pure Copper
Copper is a chameleon and thrives on being someone else. Her mission? Identify the rat who sold her team bad intel. The only problem? Gabriel Danvers.

Target: Tungsten
A Ghost for years, Bradley “Tungsten” Peck wants back in Copper’s life. His mission? Protect her and win back her trust. The only problem? Their past is hunting them and may cost them everything.

Asset: Arsenic
For more than a decade, Arsenic has worked in the shadows. Her mission? Get the last piece of intel they need to nail their nemesis. The only problem? Sam Reese, the loose cannon her brother despises and the only man crazy enough to help her.

Three tales of action, adventure, love, passion, and a second chance to fix the past.

Previously published as part of the Elite Metal collection. Each of those stories tied to the other, though these individual novellas have their own version of an HEA.

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