Special Forces & Brotherhood Protectors Series

They served their country, now they look after each other.
Meet the SEALs who have each other’s back on and off the battlefield.

Securing Arizona

Book 1
James “Mickey” MacBride retired from the teams with a solid record of mission accomplished. Now at odds and ends, he accepts the request of his retired Petty Officer grandfather. They want to gather the children of the USS Arizona—the descendants of the 355 survivors—for a special event. No problem, how hard can finding one woman named Arizona Kensington be? 


Chasing Katie

Book 2
Six weeks after burying his sister and accepting the career ending injury to his hearing, Liam “Angel” Knight begins the hunt for the a witness to the devastating event that shredded his life. His only clue? The purse he was found holding. But he isn’t the only one looking for her…

Guarding Gertrude

Book 3
Jesse “Flint” McCoy spent the year since he left the SEAL teams building a security business with his former teammate and best friend Cannon. They’re a private operation, and they don’t advertise. Though they prefer overseas missions, they take the occasional domestic assignment—such as when an old friend calls because he’s worried his sister might be in over her head…what’s a good buddy to do? 


Protecting Pilar

Book 4
Ben “Cannon” Stone had been called many things—pretty boy, rich kid, and heir-apparent. The one title he earned and made him proud was that of Navy SEAL. Although he wore his scars on the inside, it didn’t make him any less screwed up. He just deflected with a grin and a smart-ass comment. At least until a pouty princess collided with his car…

Wrangling Wanda

Book 5

Sent to protect Wanda, Clayton “Brick” Wall’s not prepared for the stubborn, infuriating woman determined to do it her way. All he needs is one foot to get in the center ring. Fortunately Hondo has four paws and Wanda’s charmed by him. 

Shielding Shayna

Shielding Shayna

Book 6
Fergus “Oddjob” Roper went into the Air Force at 18, before making a lateral move to the Navy, and then left the SEALs when he was 33. After 15 years of service, two wars, multiple deployments and 3 degrees, he’s looking for his next mission. After a year in Texas working with a horse trainer specializing in equine support animals, he’s heading to Montana to visit with old friends. He came for the beer, and stayed for the women…one woman in particular. Oddjob doesn’t mind mucking stalls, or helping out on the project—but what he wants is to shield the woman who saved his life, even if she doesn’t know it.
covering coco

Covering Coco

Book 7

Retired Navy SEAL John Jacob “Jacko” Johnson earned a reputation for being cool under pressure, having more kills from behind the scope of a sniper rifle than anyone else active on the teams, and being a total smartass. Some things don’t change, and not even a traumatic brain injury sidelining him keeps him from kicking in when his friends need it—most recently a top-secret mission to retrieve a lost asset.


Hijacking Holiday

Book 8

For years, Lieutenant Ned “Wraith” Wagner had been on the trail of a series of highly placed, dangerous assets. He’d used everyone and everything at his disposal to weed out the problems. It had cost him—relationships, trust, agents, and good friends. He now has a chance at the grail, an archive file containing everything he needs to finally dismantle the network he’s waged war against. One problem, he needs the right operative and his options are limited, and he’s on the clock.