Book cover of a teen blonde girl in a red dressKeys and Kisses

When the year started, I had one goal—make my AP classes count and keep my grades up. Both my focus and my grades started wobbling. Dating my best friends came with perks like hugs, kisses, and invitations to dances, but it also came with cons in the form of vindictive posts, hate mail, and vandalism of my car. I asked if it could get any worse, and I guess I got my answer.

My college essays suck.

My mother and I are racing toward a collision.

My secret admirer might turn out to be a real friend.

My dance partner wants to walk away to preserve our friendship.

My best friend demanded I keep no more secrets.

My first offered to move in with me.

My second… he’s got my back.

They all do. But what brought us together seems to be tearing us apart and I can’t jeopardize those friendships. I won’t. I thought losing them was the worst thing, but losing even one… it might be the change we can’t survive. The real key here isn’t what do I want… it’s am I willing to fight for it?  

P.S. I still need to get a damn dress.

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