Her Marine Prince

Going Royal #6
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Princess Francesca “Frankie” Grace has no interest in scandal or pomp and circumstance. She wants to join the military and make a real difference—like her father. Unfortunately, her father and the law disagree with this plan—women are not allowed to join the Royal Marines. In an effort to appease his youngest daughter, he tasks her with a challenge to attend a ‘pre-training’ exercise hosted by retired Marines. If Frankie can pass, he’ll help her gain the family’s permission to enlist.

Retired Marine Hugh Dillon owes Major Grace a debt. So, when his former liaison officer asks for a favor, he agrees to make Frankie Grace’s life hell at the ”vacation” boot camp he runs in Georgia. The last thing he expects is for the princess to more than prove her mettle and rise to the challenge. He finds himself privately rooting for her—and trying to keep his attraction in the background— but he has to make a choice. Follow orders and sink her dreams or encourage her and possibly send her into harm’s way…

This novella originally appeared in the Royals and Rogues anthology.

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