Boomers #3

Joss Archer

Codename: Lieutenant

Abilities: Soldier, Security Specialist, Private Contractor

Mission: Identify and Capture Bio-Enhanced Humans

A private contractor with military experience, retired Army Lieutenant Joss Archer took a job where she thought she could make a difference. In her world, superheroes wear dog tags, not capes. Dedicated to defending her nation and loyal to a fault, she is ready to resist any manipulation when she’s captured by what she believes are bio-enhanced mercenaries. The more she learns who her bosses are working for, the more she realizes she may be on the wrong side of this war…



Codename: Tank

Abilities: Enhanced strength and impenetrable skin

Mission: Locate Michael & Rex

A man on a mission, Drake has never questioned their goals in traveling through time to prevent the horrible world he and the other Boomers grew up in from ever coming to pass…until now. His fellow Boomers are pairing off, but worse, they are making emotional decisions regarding their mates’ safety over and above the mission. Betrayed, now the Boomers are missing two of their own, stuck tending to a violently wounded hero who hates them all, and Drake has to not only protect his captain’s lady, but he has to break the soldier they captured to find out where his people are…

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? He’s about to find out.


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