Ours to Conjure

Forbidden Magic #3

After facing down the Wizarding Council and defeating their enemies, Helcyon, Cassandra, and Jacob have begun to find a balance in their triad. Cassie stunned her partners with news of her pregnancy, and the stakes are raised as the men must consider what potential her child will have. Government pressure increases, bombings disrupt Wizard and Fae business around the world, and splinter groups among the Fae make themselves known.

With the Danae on the hunt to bring Cassandra back to her side, Helcyon must block her every maneuver to shield his mate and best friend from a promise that dates back a thousand years. The shifting of oaths leads to the awakening of ancient powers, but history is unforgiving, and the arrival of Hels’s brother adds a new complication that could destroy their futures before they even begin. When a dangerous gambit forces Jacob and Helcyon to make hard choices, Cassie must trust that her lovers will survive the gauntlet.

Previously released as Hels’s Gauntlet, the novel has undergone significant rewrites, and additions.



Available October 16th

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