Break the Habit: Talk About Your Joys

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November 7, 2015
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November 10, 2015

I saw this awesome meme the other day, it said: “Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.” – Rita Schiano. Schiano, by the way, is a motivational speaker.

So, let’s break the habit together and talk about our joys:

Mini Me is a constant source of joy (consternation, frustration, and a non-ending lesson in patience, too), but a wonderful source of joy. I’ve always been her mom, but as she has gotten older and begun to grow into the fantastic human being she will become, we also get to be friends. We have our own in jokes, we can make each other laugh with a look, and we still break into 30 second dance parties when we need to be cheered up or we’re celebrating. Even better, we understand when we need to wallow and what to do to help the other one wallow, then get right back on the horse.

We’re all mad here!

 My pets are a constant source of joy. I’ve had animals all my life. When I was very young, my parents got me a cocker spaniel named Sunny. I had him for four years, but when they moved from California to Texas, we had to give him away. I remember there was this really sweet old lady on our paper route. Her dog of nearly fifteen years had passed away, and my grandmother suggested her. I was all of seven years old when I knocked on her door with Sunny on a leash. I am pretty sure my grandmother talked to her ahead of time, but we spent the next hour sitting in her living room, having tea, and she let me “interview” her as a potential pet owner.  Sunny made the ultimate decision, he really liked the lady. I had to say goodbye to my puppy, but I knew he was loved.

In the years since I’ve had dozens of cats, rescued them, rehabilitated them, took care of them and watched them grow old and pass away. I’ve also had dogs as well. No one pet can ever replace another, yet I love them all. the most recent addition to our family is the sweet little Stitch–well, not so little but definitely sweet.

Bringing Stitch home for the first time December 2014

Kaia, ten years together. He’s my buddy.

Ava, Snow and Stitch (yes, they all want to cuddle)

Superheroes make me happy. From Marvel to DC and back again. I love them all. Of course, I adore Thor. Superheroes rock!

Writing is one of my greatest sources of joy. I tell a lot of authors and upcoming writers to embrace their joy. Write not only what makes you happy, but what fills you with excitement. I adore writing, and when I go several days without writing I get really crabby. In some ways, it’s my own personal anti-depressant and mood stabilizer.

The Going Royal series had me laughing from the first word to the last. 

Speaking of joy, I love the holidays. Speaking of the holidays, I’m sending out holiday cards to my readers, but I only have a limited number. Sign up here to receive one.  What brings you joy?


  1. Great post and meme!

    And aww… what a beautiful story about Sunny's "potential" owner.

    Thanks for sharing.

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