Breaking News: Some Like It Royal is Coming!

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November 30, 2013
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December 2, 2013

While I know the holidays are all around us and we’re all counting it down to Christmas, stay tuned for the big news hitting in January with the release of Some Like it Royal! Spread the word, reserve your copy and get ready for something altogether magical. Be sure to like the official Going Royal Facebook page to keep up with all the latest news and more!

It’s The Role of a Lifetime…

Living out of a car and waiting tables to make ends meet is hardly the stuff of fairy tales. So when a gorgeous man approaches Alyx Dagmar with a wild story about her royal lineage and an even wilder proposition, the aspiring actress is sure he’s got the wrong woman.

Self-made billionaire Daniel Voldakov needs connections before he can expand his software business into Europe. A blue-blooded fiancée would open all the right doors–and Daniel’s certain he can tempt the pretty but penniless Princess Alyxandretta to accept the part she was born to play.

Alyx can’t resist Daniel’s offer, and throws herself into the role. But as the paparazzi fall in love with their “storybook romance,” Alyx finds herself drawn to Daniel in ways she’d never imagined. Are his returned affections true, or all just part of the plan? He’ll do anything it takes to prove his love, and to make her see that the only happily ever after he wants is with her…the real her.

January 13th

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