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September 23, 2009
Supernatural Saturday: Prime Evil Teaser
September 26, 2009

It’s Supernatural Thursday and that means announcing who won the Supernatural Back in Black contest that kicked off with the return of our favorite Thursday night supernatural hunters: Dean and Sam Winchester. The boys are facing down Armageddon, but also their town troubled and dysfunctional relationship.

Last week, Sam and Dean parted company as Sam went off to find his own redemption and way leaving Dean to handle the mess that was Lucifer Rising. Tonight, we’ll see Dean joined by Castiel as they continue Castiel’s search for God (who may very well be running around in a human suit of his own). Will Sam cross paths with Lucifer? Will Dean figure out how to stop Lucifer without becoming a sheath for Michael? (Seriously, Kripke just had to know where that would go with the Slash fans.)

Two by Two

Sam and Dean are a pair, but they have been on very different journeys from the beginning. Dean was four going on five when their mother was killed. He has memories of her. He carried Sam to safety. He went through losing the normal home for life on the road with a father who began training him immediately. Dean acted as much parent as sibling to Sam and he never questioned or resented his journey as Sam’s protector or his father’s apprentice.

Sam on the other hand resented Dean for always obeying their father. He resented their father for his choice of lifestyles and he wanted to be far away from all of it. When Sam left them for college, he was quite content to abandon the only life and family he had ever known for life as a college kid, a girlfriend and apparently a future as a lawyer or in law enforcement.

When Dean came for Sam at the beginning of the first season, Sam didn’t want to go until he accepted that their father was in danger. Their unforgettable journey would take them to hell and back, literally. The Winchesters are men with a mission. See how it all began with the first season, their first adventures as adult hunters, learning how to work as partners and where the driver picks the music and shotgun shuts his cakehole.

Fight the Good Fight

Because it’s Supernatural and it’s Thursday and there are two Winchesters, I decided to give away two copies of season one.

So congratulations to Shannon and Leontine for winning Supernatural Season One. I’ll be in touch sometime today for your ground addresses.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I wish I could send season one to all of you! I am a proud member of Team Dean — all the way! Are you Team Dean or Team Sam?


  1. Leontine says:

    OMG, OMG…Sam and Dean will come to me 😀 It is my lucky day and thanks Heather…it is awesome to win this prize and enjoy Sam and Dean Winchester at any time!! What a rush to read my name there and congratz to Shannon too!

  2. Lisa Pietsch says:

    Lifetime subscriber to team Dean here!

  3. Stacy~ says:

    Congrats Leontine! I skimmed the post since I still have to watch season 4, but please note I am sufficiently jealous of you right now LOL. Fabulous contest Heather!

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