Celebrate #SummerSolstice with some #MagicMayhemWorld and #WitchyWednesday Goodness! Whew!

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June 16, 2017
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June 26, 2017

As our lovely, witch-in-chief would put it, HOLY SQUEEEBALLS ON FIRE! Summer Solstice is here and Assjacket is hopping! Go fill those Kindles and party! Party! Party!

Magic and Mayhem: The Witched Away Bride 
by Heather Long
It’s the cracked finale of the series within a series. 

My story began when a vampire I dubbed Mr. Nasty-Face sent me on a crazy, impossible task to fix his mis-Turnment of a certain succubus. Easy, right? Yeah, then I ran into the skunk who would change my life (and spray me, but let’s forget that memory). Once I got to Assjacket, well, let’s just say I ended up with the teenager who wasn’t—a kind of happily-while-you’re-here scenario. Now my teen is a grown woman with a Highlander for a lover, and I’m left to deal with Gigi. She wants me to find her a happily-for-real-ever-after and I’ve still got to solve my problems.

So to be clear, all I have to do is undo the unbreakable, pair the unpairable, and keep my man happy. One out of three isn’t bad. I’m a witch singer, not a dang miracle worker.

Just sing at a couple of weddings, the Baba Yaga said, it’ll be fun, she said, it’ll solve all your problems…except no weddings are possible with the witched away brides.
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Magic and Mayhem: Thor and Peace
by Barbra Annino

Magic and Mayhem: Sh*t My Vampire Says
by Michele Bardsley

Magic and Mayhem: Stop Your Witchin’
by Deanna Chase

Magic and Mayhem: If the Wand Fits 
by Saranna DeWylde 

Magic and Mayhem: Mr. & Mrs. Shift
by Renee George

Magic and Mayhem: There’s No Place Like Wicked 
 by Cherie Marks

Magic and Mayhem: What A Witch Wants 
by Monette Michaels

Magic and Mayhem: Witch With An Axe To Grind 
by Isabel Micheals

Magic and Mayhem: Sammie Jo 
by Julia Mills

Magic and Mayhem: Witchy and the Beast 
 by Virginia Nelson 

Magic and Mayhem: Once Bitten, Twice Shy 
by Teresa Reasor

Magic and Mayhem: Secrets, Lies, and Meatballs 
by Jordan K.Rose

Magic and Mayhem: The Incompetent Witch and The Missing Men 
by DC Thome

How it all began….
Switching Hour: Magic and Mayhem Book One 
by Robyn Peterman 

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