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February 13, 2012
Cassandra’s Dilemma Release Day!
February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine’s to those of you who celebrate it. I have never been a big fan of the day, sure it’s all about ‘romance,’ ‘sharing affection,’ and inviting that special someone to be your Valentine.  I think when you’re lovers and you love someone, every day is Valentine’s and it’s worth sharing that affection everyday.  Of course, I’m a romance author, so I like to embrace the romance in every possible way.

I want to share with you the holiday I do celebrate every year, right around this time, and I began this little tradition back in my teens and it’s just stuck.  Now it’s an annual holiday that I share with my mini me and we’re shortly going to involve our friends.

Happy Chocolate Day

One of my favorite parts of Valentine’s are all those heart shaped boxes chock full of chocolate.  As a general rule of thumb, I don’t eat a lot of chocolate except on Chocolate Day each year.  So what is Chocolate Day you ask? I’m so glad you did!

On the day after Valentine’s, all those crazy boxes of chocolate go on sale.  Every year, we pick a day in the week following Valentine’s to celebrate chocolate day and we pick up several of the heart shaped boxes with their mysterious sweetness inside.  We pick up chocolate coffee or chocolate milk when the mini me was younger, a bottle of chocolate wine, chocolate covered strawberries, make a chocolate cake…are you seeing the theme here?  Essentially we create a chocolate buffet.  We eat a small meal before hand, usually something like a sandwich or soup, then we settle in with a favorite program or just the two of us and we ‘explore’ the chocolate.

  • Chocolate day is about taking risks, because you never know what hidden sweetness you will find in that box of chocolates.
  • Chocolate day is about trying something new, and exploring flavors that you might have resisted before.  This was how I discovered I really do love a good cherry jubilee now and again.
  • Chocolate day is about sharing love, laughter, and the unbearable lightness of being

Please remember if you have food allergies to check the box’s contents before indulging, a trip to the E.R. is not for Chocolate Day!

It’s recommended you keep a trash can handy in case someone discovers a flavor they don’t like and you pace yourself so you don’t make yourself sick.  Other than that, it’s about indulging yourself in chocolate.  Remember ladies, chocolate releases the same endorphins that sex does, so consider this an orgy if you will, for your senses.

Because Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays and Cassandra’s Dilemma releases tomorrow, we voted to celebrate Chocolate day while watching our favorite show with its multi-layered romances and complicated stories.  That way we can celebrate the book release, Damon and Chocolate Day all at once — now that’s a hidden sweetness worth celebrating.

I’d like to invite you to celebrate Chocolate Day with me this year with a book giveaway.  All you have to do is comment with your Valentine’s day rituals or any other quirky celebration you and yours embrace.  In addition to an e-copy of Cassandra’s Dilemma for one lucky commentator, I’ll throw in a ten dollar gift certificate to Godiva because what would Chocolate Day be without chocolate?

Discover hidden sweetness, sexy stories and delicious chocolate, right here.  So what are you waiting on? Get commenting!

Cassandra’s Dilemma

[PolyAmour: Erotic Fantasy Multiple Partner Romance, M/F/M, faeries, HEA]
A woman on the edge.
Cassandra Belle is about to break the story of the century. But one well-placed bomb devastates her plans and leaves her on the run and in a fight for her life and her heart. Caught between wild allure and primal need, Cassie is torn by the desire to submit to both of them.
Two enemies on a mission.
The sexy Fae lord Helcyon wants to protect her, but his pleasure leaves her quaking at the loss of control. The dangerous Wizard Jacob wants to save her, but his war with the Fae frightens her even as he captivates her with passion.
With her enemies closing in, Jacob and Helcyon must challenge everything they’ve ever known to work together or risk losing her.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Available exclusively from Siren for pre-order, you can download after midnight tonight, just in time for chocolate day.


  1. Lisa Pietsch says:

    I don't care for the pressure to be "not single" on Valentine's Day. I do enjoy the cut prices on pretty boxes of chocolatey goodness on February 15th though!

    I've never celebrated Chocolate Day but I'm starting the tradition this year! Next year I'd like to crash you & Mini's Chocolate Day party…

  2. I'm too picky about my chocolate to buy the on sale stuff, alas. Godiva is definitely more my speed (and I am fully stocked, after going on a post-holiday sale spree there, so I will be celebrating with you in spirit!).

    I mostly ignore the day and get on with life 🙂 Not much of a tradition, I'm afraid, but there you are.

  3. Heather Long says:

    We are also celebrating Chocolate Day this year. When I presented it to my best friend as a day to try chocolate AND watch Damon… uh, how could she say no??

    As to weird traditions, I have a weird New Years one… I am superstitious about New Years Eve. Whatever I am doing then, I shall be doing for the remainder of the year. (Men I have been kissed by on New Years that I would never have hooked up with and become year long relationships…etc.)

    So, I try to have a pocket full of money, hang out with my kids and sleep in my own bed. Weird but there you have it.

  4. SheriV says:

    I'm definitely joining in on this Chocolate Day goodness. 🙂 I don't have any weird tradition. I like to get my husband a mushy card. ANd he likes to wake me up with surprises. 🙂 Before that my mom always woke us up with chocolate on Valentine's Day, a tradition I plan on continuing with my son. 🙂

  5. Cathy M says:

    I love your idea, Heather. I haunt the See's Candy store the day after Valentine's Day to snag some great chocolately goodness. Some years it's been pretty slim pickings, but still very fun.

    We have a pretty low key celebration. We order in a pizza and watch a rented movie together. This year it is Cowboys and Aliens. Nothing like a good laugh hanging out with the one you love.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

    • Heather Long says:

      Cowboys and Aliens with pizza sounds like an awesome plan. I actually like hunting for the best chocolate deals, it's probably my favorite kind of shopping! Thanks for coming by Cathy

  6. Heather Long says:

    Congratulations to Sheri V 🙂 You won the free e-copy of Cassandra's Dilemma and a ten dollar gift certificate to Godiva!

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