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August 25, 2012
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September 1, 2012

Just a heads up, I’ll be teaching a combined boot camp with Candace Havens in September. Class kicks off on Monday September 10 and runs four weeks. What can you expect in the class?

Combined Boot Camp
Beginning September 10, 2012.
Do you need motivation? Do you need a place to start? Do you just need to write that book burning in your mind? If so, then this is the workshop for you. Multi-published and bestselling authors Candace Havens and Heather Long will put you through the paces with their new Writer’s Bootcamp. Fast Draft creator Candace Havens and her top graduate Heather Long will provide you with the tools you need to write your book in a month—that’s right, develop, write, and edit in four weeks of class.
What You Need To Know:
Week One – The first seven days of class are all pre-writing work and warm-ups. You will do your research, you will answer Heather’s top ten questions of what you need to know before you start writing that book. You will get some time management techniques for creating writing windows in your fast draft weeks and you will warm up your words per hour with sprints. You will develop your plot, your characterization and your storytelling – and you will do it in seven days.
Week Two and Three – You will be Fast Drafting with Candy and Heather, you will meet your word count goals, you will write your prose. At 5,000 words a day, you can complete a 50,000 word book in 10 days. In 14, you will write a 70,000 word book. Do you have to write a 50 to 70K book? No, you can write more or you can write less, but you will write every day. The goal is to finish your book in fourteen days.
Week Four – Revision Hell – Like Nora Roberts says, “you can’t edit a blank page.” Fresh off your Fast Draft, Candy and Heather will put you through your paces on revising and polishing your story to make it the best possible product for submission. You will get key tips on editing out passive writing, identifying flaws, finding overuse of words or phrases – and filling in any blanks that you may have left due to research.
This Combined Bootcamp will require that you write, and write hard, but also that you dream bigger. Candy and Heather will be with you every step of the way. You will benefit from Candace Havens’ tried and true method of Fast Drafting as well as the successful experiences of Fast Draft graduate Heather Long.
Motivation is a big part of what they do. By the time you finish this class, you will have a polished manuscript ready for submission. A random drawing for four 25-page critiques will be taken from the student roster; these will be line-edit critiques. Class space is limited, so sign up today!
Cost is $40.
Register today! I hope to see you there! We’re going to kick it hard!

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  1. Brenna Ash says:

    I'm looking forward to the class! Feeling a bit intimidated, but ready to tackle it. See you Monday!

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