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January 6, 2014
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January 8, 2014

Yesterday, I chatted about my favorite Disney princesses, so it seems only fair we talk about my favorite princes. Yes, I know the song goes “Someday My Prince Will Come”- yeah, unless it’s one of these guys, he can keep right on riding.  So who made the cut? Who didn’t? Arguably, not all of these guys were born princes (but then bad boys are attractive what can I say?).

Flynn Rider, Tangled

Not even close to being a prince, but Eugene remade himself into the roguish Flynn Rider and earned a hell of a reputation particularly after he stole Rapunzel’s crown (which come to think of it was a pretty rotten thing to do to the King and Queen who’d been mourning their missing daughter for 18 years, but we’ll forgive him because she did end up with it). Flynn earns high marks because he was snarky, entertaining, and ultimately willing to sacrifice himself to save Rapunzel–not to mention the man gives a hell of a haircut.

Prince Ali, Aladdin

100% manufactured courtesy of the Genie, Prince Ali was Aladdin’s “pseudonym” for courting Jasmine. Still, gotta like a guy who comes with his own theme song, entourage, and snarky monkey. This street rat cleans up nice.

Prince Phillip, Sleeping Beauty

Arguably my favorite prince for years, first because he actually had a name other than “The Prince” because let’s vague it up there guys. Two, he rebelled against his father and rejected a royal pre-arranged marriage to woo the girl in the woods (yes, they were the same person, but it still counts). And third, he actually did something pro-active to save his princess (besides finding a shoe or kissing the corpse). He battled a dragon, weeded through the thorns, and THEN he kissed his princess.

Prince Adam, Beauty and the Beast

I bet you didn’t know that Beast’s real name was Adam, but it was. So before the sorceress who knocked on the door in the middle of the night cursed him, he was apparently a good looking young man. Then of course, he became the Teddy Bear on Crack with a temper to match–but seriously, if you had to shave that face, you’d be cranky, too. Still, Beast fell for Belle, and he tried to change for her and ultimately, he let her go and he saved her from the wolves. But beyond all of that, he gave her a freaking library. Hello?

Prince Naveen, The Princess and the Frog

We didn’t know him before he got turned into a frog, but you gotta give the guy points for propositioning a pretty lady into kissing him so that he will turn back into a prince. Even more props, that he did his best to protect her after she was turned into a frog. Of course, the ultimate irony is that it took their froggy marriage to turn her into a princess. Once they were human again, however, is when Naveen really proves his mettle by helping his princess open her dream and pursue her goals. Kudos to him.

Future Princes

Kristoff, Frozen

He has a reindeer for a pet, a brand new sled (after his old one was burned to pieces and dropped over a cliff), but what’s amazing about Kristoff is how grounded he is. Meeting Anna, a princess isn’t what floored him. That she was marrying someone she had JUST MET left him befuddled and my favorite line, of course, was that he didn’t trust her judgment based on that alone. Still, he wanted to do what was right for her and tried to save her by running her to her so-called prince so he would kiss her and save her heart, but you know, even though THAT part didn’t work out, he came back later to help again.

So who are your favorites?

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