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April 14, 2015
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April 16, 2015
Releasing June 2015
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Sexy and we know it! They’re on the hunt after your heart. Discover 11 brand new passionate
tales of friendship, desire, wolves, survival, and redemption. Escape to
another world, another place, and another romance…

Warning: Contains
wild heroes and heroines, tempestuous passion, old secrets, new discoveries,
and pack ties binding them together. Sometimes love’s greatest challenge is
romancing the wolf…

Desiree Holt- Heart
of the Wolf (The Devora)
Shifter Lia Popescu is desperate to find the book Legends of the Werewolf, her only clue
as to what happened to her pack. Her attempts to recover the tome bring her
into contact with Riley Morgan, a meeting that explodes with sexual chemistry. She’s
losing her heart to the sexy detective. How he will handle knowing the truth
about her?
Saranna DeWylde The
Ardennes Curse (Woolven Secret)
When Armand Rommulus killed Luc Ardennes in single combat
before the Great Council, he was forced to leave his pack and his home—and
claim his birthright as the Ardennes Alpha. Victoria Ardennes is prepared to do
murder to break the curse tormenting her pack, until she discovers the life she
must take is one she’s come to value above all others—even her own. 
Robyn MacKenzie –
Chasing the Moon
For the first time in her life, Rayne Adams feels like she’s
home in the sleepy little town of Hood River. 
Jackson Locke is tense and anxious, and his wolf is itching to break
free as the rogue terrorizing the town and his pack continues to elude him. One
terrifying night throws Rayne into Jackson’s path and threatens to change everything.
Virginia Nelson – Odd
Mate (The Odd Series)
As second to a female alpha, Charly endures the pity of his
pack thanks to her mating. Not that he can admit the one wolf he truly loved
left him years ago. Gretchen fell in love with a sweet, nerdy bear of a man,
but a genetic twist of fate made her flee. When she returns to town, she can’t
stay away from Charly. Can a wolf sworn to destroy all coyotes claim a coywolf
mate or will he be forced to destroy the one girl he ever loved?
Gayle Donnelly –
Running with the Wolf (The Cascadia Wolves)
To escape her abusive ex, Abigail Mann faked her death and
fled to a small town in Oregon to start over. Abram Keaton is the most ruthless
hunter of the Deschutes Pack. Hungering for the quiet, elusive kindergarten
teacher sparks a need deep inside. When Abby’s past comes calling, Abram must
make a choice…defy pack law and bring her into his world or let her run and
lose her forever.
Cara Carnes –
Redemption’s Forgiveness (The Rending)
Surviving as an Outsider was tough, but Felicity faces her harshest
battle when she stumbles across a plot to overthrow the trading post,
Redemption.  Marek will do anything to protect his pack and their land,
including executing any Outsiders who dare enter pack lands. He knows there’s
no soft in war—until a curvaceous wolf with more sass than sense limps into
Redemption with an impossible tale of betrayal. Can the two discover trust and
redemption together?
Brandy Walker – Under
Her Spell (Keystone Predators)
The Beta of the Keystone Predators, Diego Mendoza loves his
job and the responsibility that comes with it—even the simple task of
retrieving his Alpha’s cousin from the airport. Part wolf shifter and part
witch Daphne Moore had a hell of a time fitting in and everyone wants her to
choose. She is ready for a change and a trip to Arizona for her cousin’s
wedding seems like the perfect start. Diego wants her instantly, but she’s
wary. Will Diego be able to enchant the woman who is witch and wolf?
Rebecca Royce –
Always (Dragon Wars)
Robbie Owens has fought the dragons for seventeen years,
leading his group of secret, elite werewolves. Tatyana Knox is a human in a
world where humans are like unicorns—they simply don’t exist. She is real, more
she’s Robbie’s mate. If he can only trust her, they will turn the tide of the
war. But the clock is ticking and Tatyana’s time with Robbie is almost up.
Jennifer Kacey –
Violet’s Shadow (Shadow Mates) 
Violet’s spent her whole life searching for where she
belongs. Two weeks alone in a secluded cabin is music to her ears, until she
sees a shadow in the forest with red glowing eyes. Rayden was sent to protect
and guide her. Instead, he finds the mate he’s been unwilling to search for and
a passion so fierce he’ll never be able to walk away. Everything she’s ever
wanted in life and love is finally at her fingertips if she’s brave enough to
embrace…her Shadow
Heather Long – Wolf
with Benefits (Wolves of Willow Bend)
After finishing college and spending a summer breaking
the law, Shiloh Sullivan needs to make amends. When she returns home, her best
friend, the wolfish and playful Matt Montgomery, distracts he with a
‘pretend’ relationship, which annoys her parents. They never wanted their
children to take the bite.  The
friendly-with-benefits arrangement suits Matt fine—makes his mother happy,
helps the pack forgive his best friend, and gives him a reason to pry into the
secrets Shiloh’s been keeping.  Pretending a relationship with a wolf is
impossible, the closer they get, the more Matt’s wolf wants to take their con
game and make it a mating game. Can he keep his best friend and mate her, too?
Melissa Schroeder – The
Alpha’s Saving Grace (Lonestar Wolf Pack)
Alpha Jacob Sanderson doesn’t have time for distractions as
he hunts a vicious killer attacking his pack. Sheriff Alexandra Littlefoot is
his best resource and a woman he can’t seem to resist. As secrets rise to the
surface, the killer’s violence escalates and threatens to destroy the entire
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