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December 16, 2010
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December 19, 2010

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The Path To Freedom
The Path to Freedom
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Win the first three stories in the Task Force 125 series for a friend (and yourself). 
Earlier this year, Heather approached me about working together with her and Kellyann Zuzulo on a shared world anthology.  I’ll admit, I was pretty intimidated for several reasons.  

First off, Heather and Kellyann are both amazing writers.  Nobody wants to be the dull bulb on the tree!  I met Heather five years ago when we both started writing for an online community which shall not be named.  She was a shining star already.  I’ve been an avid follower of hers ever since.  Kellyann is a fairly new friend of mine but she looks like Hillary Swank and managed to get a stranglehold on my brain with just a short story.  (Some women are cursed with looks AND brains, poor thing.)   

You know what they say: If you want to boost your game, play with your heroes.

Secondly, this would be a paranormal romance.  I’d had plenty of ideas for paranormals I’d wanted to write eventually but I hadn’t actually written one yet. For that matter, I hadn’t written a real romance yet.

Third, my marriage had been falling apart and I knew it was just a matter of time before the divorce talk happened.  I wondered about my ability to write red hot romance when my own was stone cold.  Talk about an artistic challenge!

Long story short: I dug deep and found those honorary cojones I’d earned in the Air Force, gave my mind permission to take flight on demon’s wings and wrote some fiction!

I won’t lie.  It was harrowing!  I just barely made the deadline and found myself wanting to run away with the hero.  The end result is Frozen Hell, the first story in the Seven Souls A Leaping anthology due to be released by Sapphire Blue Publishing at the turn of the year.

Heather pushes me to be better at what I do and for that I’d give her the shirt off my back.  In lieu of that, I’m giving away the first three stories in my action/adventure Task Force 125 series.  If you have a friend who enjoys heroines who kick ass, hot guys with guns and a touch of romance, then these books are the perfect present.  In addition to sending PDF copies of all three books to your friend, I’ll send them to you too!

Leave a comment telling me about your friend to enter.

Excerpt from The Path to Freedom, Task Force 125, Book #1:
    “Look, this mission isn’t like anything you’ve ever done as a Security Specialist.  That was flat out defensive and impersonal stuff.  What we’re about to do is strictly covert, offensive and very personal.  Although you’ve been trained well in tactics and fighting techniques, there is no training for what you’re about to do.  You either can or you can’t.”
    Phew!  Maybe he doesn’t know?
    “Look, Vince, I understand your concerns but a roll in the hay to work over a terrorist is nothing compared to the soldiers giving their lives every day in this war.  Besides, I’ve been with bastards before, so what’s one more?”
    Working over a jerk is just what I need after all those jerks who have worked me over in one way or another all my life.  Hell, it might even be fun.
    “Only a strong woman can do what you’re about to, and we need to know now if you can handle it or not.”
Sarah stared up into Vince’s eyes and tried to reassure him.  “I wouldn’t have come this far if I couldn’t.  I can do this, Vince.”
    “When you were in the Security Police, it was all black and white.  You’re deep in the gray area now and the success of this mission depends on how convincing you can be.”
    Sarah fixed her eyes on his.  “Vince…I can do it.”
    Vince uncrossed his arms and slid his hands into the pockets of his jeans.  “We’re all getting our hands dirty in this war.  Nobody on this team is going to judge you, but no matter what, at the end of the day, you have to be able to live with yourself.  We can’t put you in there and then have you melt down over a moral dilemma.”             
    How am I going to convince this guy I can handle this?  Once I convince him, the rest of the team will be onboard.
    There’s only one way…
    Sarah smiled a thoughtful smile.
    Sarah locked her gaze onto Vince’s and stood.  She took a deep breath and exhaled with a soft sigh.  “Oh, Vince.”  She couldn’t believe the seductive purr of her own voice as she ran her hands slowly over her hips and down the length of her mini-skirt to straighten the creases that had formed from sitting.  Still maintaining eye contact, she took two slow steps toward Vince until she stood about six inches away from him.
    “Did I ever thank you for the pearls?”  She raised her right hand to her neck, gently caressing the pearl choker from left to right.
    “They’re so beautiful,” she whispered as she trailed her fingertips slowly down the edge of the v-neck blouse she wore until they rested on her ample cleavage.
    His gaze dropped from hers to follow the path of her fingers to her full breasts as she breathed slowly and deeply, but she continued to stare directly at him.  With her left hand, she gently touched his right shoulder and trailed her hand seductively down his muscular arm.  Liberated by the charade of playing a part, she drank in his scent, the texture of his skin, the form of his muscular arms.   
    “Mmm…so strong.”
    When she reached his hand, she gently placed it on her left hip, holding it there with her left hand.  Her body burned for him and she thrilled at his touch.
    His gaze dropped to where she had placed his hand, and he took a deep breath before pulling her close and looking into her eyes once again.
    The heat between them was unmistakable to Sarah.  She could have him now or make her point.  What she wanted to do and what she needed to do would lead to two distinctly different paths in life.  The importance of her new job was far greater than the momentary satisfaction a roll in the hay might bring.
    She caressed his neck just below his left ear.  Her fingertips told her his heartbeat was fast and strong.  She skimmed her fingertips along the line of his jaw and down his neck to his shoulder where she rested her hand.  Then she whispered, “So hard.”
    She pressed against him, closing the space between them.  Her body was full against his and she could feel his interest rising, a hard length against her stomach.
    The power she had in this situation was better than any buzz she’d ever felt.  Every cell in her body was yearning for him but she fought it and stayed in control.
    She led his right hand around her waist and then let her left hand creep up his strong, solid chest and around to the back of his neck.
    His mouth opened slightly and she knew he was ready to kiss her, so she sighed meaningfully and moved to within a breath of his lips with hers.  Dark desire filled his eyes.
    Sarah let her own eyes reflect what her body was feeling.  Her mind maintained true control.    
    Vince’s left arm tightened around her waist and held her close while his right hand slowly caressed her hip and began to travel slowly up her waist.
    When he moved to kiss her, she very gently moved her head to the side and whispered sensuously in his ear, “I am going to make him an offer no man could refuse, and then, I’m going to rock the bastard’s world.”
    It took every ounce of strength she had to step out of Vince’s embrace and pretend it was all an act.
    He can never know exactly how much I wanted to finish that!
    Sarah allowed herself the luxury of looking Vince over slowly, from head to toe, as though he were dinner and she hadn’t eaten in, well, she’d never eaten a dinner like that.
    Her gaze paused at the impressive and telling bulge below his waistline.
    Such a shame we have to let that go to waste.
    Her body screamed at her own betrayal.  He was a sexual electromagnet switched on.  Her mind fought to keep control of her body.
    Walk out of the room, Sarah.
    Walk out of the room, Sarah.
    Walk out of the room, Sarah.
    When she met his gaze again, she nodded to his apparent arousal.  She barely managed to control her urge to pounce.
He couldn’t tell her in any more obvious a way that he wanted her.
    She took a deep breath and appeared all business when she spoke.  “Sorry about that, but I needed you to understand I can do this.  By the look of things, I’d say I have you fairly well convinced.”  She straightened her skirt and tossed her hair back over her right shoulder.  “Now you guys need to back me up and make sure I don’t get left hanging in the warm Mediterranean breeze.”
    Vince smirked and nodded.  “Good enough.”  His breaths were heavy and fast.
    Sarah watched the telling rise and fall of his chest as she remembered what it was like to be held close to him.  “Now I’ll leave you with your, uh, thoughts and see you out in the cabin in a few minutes.”  Sarah slid her hand behind Vince to reach the doorknob as he stepped aside.  

Read the first chapter on your Nook or Kindle!

As always, the rules are the same:

1. Nominate the person you want to send that day’s gift to and a short reason as to why.
2. For an extra entry, spread the word about this giveaway: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – leave a link in the comments.
3. Leave your email with your comment ONLY IF it is NOT part of your profile.
4. This giveaway is open to everyone for nominations, however you cannot enter yourself.
5. You may only win one gift to send.
6. Giveaways begin November 28 and run through December 21.

This giveaway is open until Monday, December 21st at 5 p.m.. Winner to be announced on Monday evening.

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