Daily Dose Holiday Giveaway: Winners and Gift Cards

Daily Dose Holiday Giveaway: Fallen by Tom Sniegoski
December 1, 2010
Vampire Diaries Post Mortem – The Sacrifice
December 3, 2010

How appropriate to announce the winners for The Vampire Diaries Season One holiday giveaway on the day Vampire Diaries returns from what seemed like an agonizingly long three week hiatus. So kicking off our holiday giveaway are winners Kristi and Kate. They nominated people they care about to share the magic and wonder that is Mystic Falls! So congratulations and happy holidays.

Today’s Giveaway

We’re keeping today’s giveaway straightforward and simple. It’s also only open until tomorrow morning when I will draw one winner from the commentators, so be sure to post your gift wish as soon as possible and review the rules below for more entry opportunities.

Your choice:

  • $20 Gift Card from Starbucks
  • $20 Gift Card from Amazon
  • $20 Gift Card from Barnes and Noble

You elect who you would like to give the gift too and if you win, you get your choice of one of these three great gift cards.  Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, a simple gift to send to someone far away or other, gift cards are among some of my favorite gifts to receive (particularly where Starbuck’s and books are concerned!)

For a chance to win:

1. Nominate the person you want to send that day’s gift to and a short reason as to why.
2. For an extra entry, spread the word about this giveaway: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – leave a link in the comments.
3. Leave your email with your comment ONLY IF it is NOT part of your profile.
4. This giveaway is open to everyone for nominations, however you cannot enter yourself.
5. You may only win one gift to send.
6. Giveaways begin November 28 and run through December 21.

Don’t forget the Mini-Me’s holiday giveaway and Tom Sniegoski’s wonderful Fallen series giveaways will be open until Friday December 3rd!


  1. Amanda says:

    I'd like to nominate my mom. She isn't as passionate about books as I am but I am getting her a kindle for Christmas in hoping she gets more passionate.

  2. Robin K says:

    I would nominate my fellow blogger Jodie from JoJo's Book Corner. I never expected to make a life long friend online, but I did. Meeting Jodie at AAD in September was awesome.

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/IntenseWhisper/statuses/10348438742892545

  3. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! Thank you!

  4. Lexie says:

    I nominate my friend friend Liz, 'cause I promised her books for Xmas this year!

  5. donnas says:

    I would pick my mom. She is always talking about certain books or movies she wants but never remembers to get them. But at the same time she remembers things others want and when shes out or shopping will pick them up.

    tweet – http://twitter.com/#!/DonnaS1/status/10402516013420545

  6. Pamk says:

    I would love to nominate my baby boy. He took books 2 and 3 in the dresden files and the first book in the delacroix accademy to Orlando which is a 9/10 hr trip and he read all three on the way down there. I had to buy more to read on the way back lol.

  7. elaing8 says:

    I'd like to nominate my friend Cecile. She lives in US, me in Canada..we talk everyday. She has become a dear sweet friend to me.She listens to problems and helps me through it. She makes me laugh everyday. I don't know what I would do without her.

    tweeted http://twitter.com/elaing8/status/10413466183532544

  8. Kristi Kaiser says:

    I would love to nominate my sweet patti friend. she is in love with all 3 places!! She has been sick and this would make her day!


    fb-ed as well!!

  9. I would love to nominate my brother because he's living in another province where there isn't many stores or shops! He isn't able to make it home for Christmas and this would definately brighten up his holidays!

  10. Vicky CK says:

    I'd like to nominate my mom. She is stuck in bed with bad back problems & has been almost all year. She has read all her books & most of mine now. The $20 amazon gc would be nice for her to get something new that she get to pick (since she can't go to stores now). Even the local library is limited in what it has to offer that she hasn't already read, so this would really be a plus for her!

    vickykerr[at]sbcglobal.net (not sure where 'profile' is, muchless what is in it.)

  11. I'd like to nominate my son who is as avid a reader as I am.

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