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March 24, 2010
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March 26, 2010

After an achingly long six weeks, The Vampire Diaries returns tonight with new episodes. Tonight’s is dubbed “A Few Good Men” and in the blurb about the episode, we learn that Damon will be participating in an auction of Mystic Falls most eligible bachelors. Damon, of course, is grieving for having been so devoted to Katherine and retrieving her from the tomb for more than 142 years only to find out not only has Katherine not been in that tomb, she’s been out and didn’t care where Damon was.

So now, Damon’s entire goal of existence has been yanked out from underneath him. To say he goes a little crazy, I suppose that would be mild. Nevertheless, in honor of the return of our most eligible vampire brothers, I thought we could come up with “A Few Good Men” of our own. Whom would you most like to see on that auction block and how far would you go to get an evening with those men?

Following the webclip for tonight’s episode, check out my hot picks for most eligible bachelors!

Webclip for Tonight’s Episode

Most Eligible Bachelors

For my list of top bachelor picks that I would most like to spend an evening with:

Richard Castle

He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s sexy and he’s loaded. Add to that he’s a talented writer, a devoted dad and definitely understands how to have a good time – who wouldn’t want to spend at least one evening (or more) with the guy?

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson is a brilliant man with a gift for languages and understanding the nature of the universe. Despite everything he’s seen, that sense of childlike wonder and faith in the impossible still exists within him. He’s grown up from lovable geek to well-toned, smart and sexy. Despite his unlucky past with love, he’s still in my top ten of men I’d love to spend time with.

Christopher Chance

Mark Valley’s Christopher Chance is street smart, tough and dedicated to a hero complex. He’s got a dark and murky past, one that definitely suggests a history of doing the wrong thing until one thing changed. That one thing we know was a woman, what happened to her changed Chance and now he puts himself directly in the line of fire to save other people. He’s got a great sense of humor and he’s easy on the eyes. I could definitely spend an evening with that.

Dr. Robert Chase

Hugh Laurie gets a lot of credit for House but I adore his “ducklings”, especially Robert Chase who’s been there since the beginning. He’s coped with a distant father, career choices and falling in love with a woman who ultimately left him when he chose his career over their marriage. Recently he discovered that it’s his good looks that woman are attracted to and not his personality – that’s made him question if any relationship can be real. I wouldn’t mind an evening to chat him up on the subject.

So – who are your top picks for a few good men?


  1. Lisa R says:

    Definitely Castle, he's just so damn cute and "ruggedly handsome". I just love his grin. Was that not am awesome show Monday night? Can't wait for part 2. They can't kill off Kate, she's his Turner to his Hooch.

  2. Lexie says:

    I definitely agree with Castle and Jackson–actually Dr. Daniel Jackson hits every single one of my favorite traits in men!

    I'd add in Eric Northman (True Blood), Michael Westin (Burn Notice), Darien Fawkes (Invisible Man) and even though he's gay and married in the show, Sam Adama (Caprica).

  3. Tanya says:

    Eric on True Blood can do bad (and good) things to me any time.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I love House OMG the doctors are so funny

  5. Heather Long says:

    Lisa R, Lexie — Castle is definitely smoking. Lexie glad to hear that you like Dr. Daniel Jackson as much as I do. I have to agree about Eric and Michael, and after some thought — definitely Sam Adama too.

    Tanya, you are not alone in your love for Eric. Elizabeth, I agree — I adore House. My favorites wax and wane, but I always love them!

  6. I sixth you're choice of men. And would add John Shepherd from Stargate Atlantis and Booth from Bones.

  7. I would pick McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy and Marshall from HIMYM.

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