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October 25, 2009
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First kisses are vital to a relationship. They are vital to a relationship, the first blush and the first breath and the first heartbeat of the passion between two people or two characters. I love first kisses, metaphorically and realistically. Someone once said that finding the person you love is bittersweet, because it means your first kiss is the last first kiss. I would argue that every day begins with a first kiss, but that’s the romantic in me.

Best First Kisses

In books and in movies, first kisses should just blow the roof off. I didn’t like the first kiss shared by Booth and Brennan on Bones, some fans may disagree with me, but it felt forced and awkward and whatever passion may have been simmering between them was doused by the set-up of the mistletoe and the Carolyn’s dare. While some first kisses should be awkward, it was more suited to two teenagers than two well-developed and sexually aware adults. Better examples of first kisses include:

Luke and Lorelei, Gilmore Girls

After years of dancing around their mutual attraction, their first kiss was as startling to them as it was welcome. They were always waiting for the other one to make the first move, but the desperate passion, the tingles of fear and the shivers of excitement boiled off the screen and set this couple on fire.

Sadly, the breakup of Luke and Lorelei was as pointless and painful as their first kiss was welcome and passionate.

Sydney and Vaughn, Alias
The first two years of Alias was just sublime. Vaughn’s affection for Sydney and her dependence on him grew through the first season and into the second. The intimacy of working undercover and the confidences shared in stolen moments added to the attraction. When they finally took down SD-6, there is a moment where their eyes meet and all the roadblocks of Vaughn being her handler and Sydney’s desire to end SD-6 before all else, not to mention her mourning of her fiancé, culminated in a wildly passionate kiss.

That kiss, in the middle of the destruction of the Sydney’s double-life would mark an explosive turn in the series and allow Sydney to join the CIA officially. Of course, it also led to more lies, more deception and even more confusion down the road.

Veronica and Logan, Veronica Mars
The first season of this show is arguably the absolute best. Veronica Mars and Logan Echols really don’t like each other and from their first moment on screen they are always needling each other in hateful ways. Once upon a time, Veronica and Logan were friends through Lily (Logan’s girlfriend and Veronica’s best friend). But Lily’s murder changed everything for everyone.

Gradually, the reveals of Lily’s actions and Veronica helping Logan find out about his mother led to a deeper connection. When Logan heard the Veronica in trouble on the phone, he rushed to save her, in a way he couldn’t save Lily. The moment, littered with no words as Veronica leaned up to kiss his cheek, awkwardly thanking him for his Galahad-esque maneuver led to his grabbing her and laying a kiss on her that blew off their socks. I don’t know who was more startled: Logan, Veronica or the fans. Their on-again, off-again tempestuous relationship would be one for the books, sadly the series faltered, but that moment remains one of my all time favorites.

What first kiss is your favorite?


  1. CheekyGirl says:

    You picked some good ones! I also liked the first kiss between Mitch and Beth in Moonlight.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Logan and Veronica are the best. Hands down. Their chemistry was indeniable and delicious..yummy..i miss them

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