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September 3, 2009
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And now for something completely different, fairy, fae, Sidhe, faerie, faery and every other variation on how you spell it has always fascinated me. Perhaps because I grew up listening to my grandmother’s stories or because I remember listening to the rocks whisper to me when I was in England or because I hunted for faerie rings wherever I went. The knowledge of the Fae and Fairies always appealed to me. In the United States, however, our faeries are more spiritually based – at least I’ve always liked to think so. Indian spirits, animal spirits or spirit guides if you will.

My daughter, always a fan of Tinker Bell, has become something of a faery expert of late, particularly of her fairies of Pixie Hollow and of course, Christa from Fern Gully and a few others. She asked me who my favorite faery was and what followed was a rather lively discussion of fairies, fairy tales and the dark and twisted places that we can go with our fairies. (Don’t worry, if I were really twisted, I’d have pulled out my pressed fairies book. But I’m not quite ready to scar her psyche yet.)

The conversation was fun enough that I wanted to share my list of fairies with you and get some input on who your favorite fairies are. Remember, this list is in no particular order:

1. Vidia – (Fairies of Pixie Hollow) – Vidia is like the anti-Tinker Bell. She is surly, tough and the fastest flying fairy in Pixie Hollow. She doesn’t have a lot of friends and she gets the snarkiest lines. Scarily enough, my daughter thinks I do my best fairy voice when I do Vidia.

2. Jenks – (The Hollows) – Jenks is a partner to both Rachel and Ivy in their Runner business. He’s short, he’s sassy and the little pixie will take you out if you mess with the women he loves. Jenks is a devoted husband and father and he was pretty studly when Rachel made him tall.

3. Toot Toot – (The Dresden Files) – Toot Toot is an absolute riot. He calls Harry his ‘Za Lord’ because Harry makes sure the fairies get pizza. Toot Toot also proved his mettle in battle multiple times.

4. Flora, Fauna and Meriwether (Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty) – Okay, seriously who could not love the frumpy little fairies who raised a Princess? Not to mention the battle of blue versus pink ball gown is classic.

5. Fairy Godmother (Walt Disney’s Cinderella) – I even like her song.

6. Maleficent (Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty) – One of the best dark fairies of all time. Even as a kid, I was sad that she died.

7. Ariel, Puck and Titania (Shakespeare) – One is from The Tempest and the other two are from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but seriously, these are the iconic fairies in my mind.

Hmmm. I know there must be more out there somewhere. Who are your favorite fictional fairies?


  1. Mandi says:

    How about Faeries like V'lane from KMM fever series or Keenan from Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely. I like those kind of Fae:)

  2. Estefanie says:

    Ditto to Mandi's suggestions. But I did enjoy reading about your fairies. Can't wait to see what 'different' topic you'll come up with for your next blog?


  3. Heather Long says:

    I have not read the KMM series yet, but it's on my list of to be purchased. If we're going to extend fae/fairy to include the elves (I was thinking Pixies, but I'm good), I'd have to include Tannim from the Mercedes Lackey SERRAted edge series, Zee and Mac from Mercedes Thomspon and Doyle from L.K. Hamilton's Meredith Gentry series. More suggestions to add to my bulging to be read list? 🙂

  4. CheekyGirl says:

    I agree that Jenks from the Hollows is awesome!

    Have to read the Dresden files – everyone loves it, but its hard to start a series when everyone else is so far ahead of you!

  5. Heather Long says:

    Well Sabrina, that's one way to look at it. Another is that Jim Butcher's Dresden Files is so engrossing that you have all those books in front of you — you can go on a Dresden binge. I do that occasionally when I go back through and re-read series. The next book is due out April 6th (Happy Birthday to Me four days late).

    I just started listening to Storm Front on CD (the first Dresden) again. It's read by James Marsters who is fantastic as Harry!

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