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February 3, 2013
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February 8, 2013

I love romance…
recently asked me why I loved the romance genre so much. I honestly didn’t have
an answer for him other than to tell him because it was what was available at
my local library twenty something years ago when I practically lived there.
fact I can tell you it was Victoria Holt and her dark, gothic romance that
started it all for me. After reading all of hers I moved on to Kathleen
Woodiwess and from there it was Johanna Lindsey’s Brave the Wild Winds, which
to a sheltered fourteen year old was quite a shock, and I loved every page.
the first moment I discovered Happily Ever After and real life heroes (I was
never much into fairy tales) I was hooked. There was just something about those
flawed heroes and the heroines who not only put up with all their crap but also
love them for it.
of my favorite heroes is the hero in Catherine Hart’s Temptation. Grant Gardner
has it all, a horse farm in Kentucky that breeds some of the best race horses
in the country, a fiancée he desires, and the perfect life. That is until
riverboat rat (what he calls her) gambler Amanda shows up claiming she owns
half of the horse farm. That she won it of his brother in a card game. The
antics of this hero and the things he does to get his horse farm back kept me
tuned into the story so much that twenty years after I last read the book it is
still with me. Because at the end of it all, he realizes that the horse farm can
go to hell, but that Amanda was essential to his happiness.
is why I read romance. This is why I write romance. I want my readers to know
at the end of the day that the heroine is the most essential person in the
heroes life. I want my readers to feel that same sense of belonging and
importance, to know and understand that regardless of the day to day lives we
live, love is the most important
thing in our lives.
know at the end of the day I am the most important/essential person in my
husband’s life. I trump everyone including his mom.
Ryan (my hero) his world starts and ends with Morgan (my heroine). From the
moment they meet they have an instant connection, however it is only as they
spend time with each other that the connection becomes stronger and they begin
to build something. When they are separated because of…well I’ll just say they
are separated….and then reunited years later they discover that connection has
only gotten stronger over the years, whether they wanted it to or not. As they
work through everything Ryan recognizes Morgan always has been and always will
be his essential person…I can share that because this is a romance and we know
the hero always gets his girl.

Chance at Forever 
Available in Digital Only February 1st 2013
When Morgan Sanderson left her
grandparent’s anniversary party, she had no idea how much the previous week
would impact her life. Four years later she’s living a content life, teaching
literature and being the best mom she can be, even if she knows something is
missing. That thing being the one person she can’t forgive and yet can’t get

The week Ryan Cartwright spent with Morgan was
the best week of his life until tragedy struck, one that changed his life
completely. Four years later he discovers he’s has three year old twins with
Morgan the one woman he’s never been able to forget and let go. Can he forgive
her from keeping the knowledge of his son’s from him.

As they uncover the truth behind their
separation, they discover the love they’ve always felt for each other is still
there, but can they ever trust each other again.

When Ryan had accepted the invitation for a week of
nothing but sailing, drinking and hanging out with friends from college, he’d
had no idea he would end up at a house party of a couple who resembled his
grandparents and their relationship.
All he’d wanted was to relax and decompress after a
very stressful couple of months on the job, not spend his vacation constantly
fending off advances from women, and ignoring pointed questions about his job
from the men.
When he’d stumbled across the hammock on his first
day there, he’d thought it was a godsend and spent a very enjoyable afternoon
lazing in it, thinking of nothing.
When he’d gone back the next day he’d discovered
sleeping beauty had commandeered it. She’d been lying there, a mountain of
pillows surrounding her. The sun shone through the trees, creating a halo
effect around the hammock. Her long legs were stretched out. God, he loved long
legs on a woman. His blood hummed like it hadn’t in a long time.
With her face turned away from him, he’d used all his
training to get closer without her noticing him. Then he accidentally stepped
on a twig. He’d silently cursed, hoping she’d been so caught up in her book she
wouldn’t notice. No such luck, as she lifted her head and her gaze swung toward
The piercing glare coming from the most gorgeous set
of eyes he’d ever seen had rocked him to his core, drawing him in like a moth
to a flame.
Ryan shook his head at that thought, like a moth to a flame. If the guys in
his squad had heard him say it out loud he would never live it down, and his
brother would be giving him shit about it for the rest of his life if he heard
him say it.
At the slight rustling of leaves he turned toward the
walkway and sucked in his breath. No matter how many times he’d seen her over
the last two days, she still managed to steal his breath away. She had the tall
lean lines of an athlete, and a face that kept him coming back to it every time
he’d seen her.
She wasn’t one of those women who had to be done up
at all times. She was quite comfortable going about with only a hint of
make-up, and with her hair in a ponytail. For a guy raised with three sisters
he’d learned at an early age about the importance of hair and makeup, whether
he’d wanted to or not.
He’d never been attracted to simple but, as he
watched Morgan approach wearing shorts, which showcased her incredibly long
legs, a simple tee shirt with a hoodie tied around her waist and athletic
shoes, he admitted to himself, on her it was perfect.
He took the picnic basket she carried and extended
his arm to her. “What do you have here?”
“I thought a picnic on the beach would be
good.” She took his arm as they moved to where he’d parked his Jeep.
“Sounds like a plan. How do you feel about
driving up the coast and exploring some of the small towns?” Ryan stowed
the picnic basket in the back and helped Morgan into the Jeep.
Morgan paused with a surprised look on her face.
“That’s something I would love to do, but it isn’t what I expected you to
The look on her face was one of pure innocence,
belaying the sarcasm in her voice. As she looked at him he couldn’t resist and
leaned forward, brushing her lips with his. A spark of electricity shot through
him, making him want to sink into her and take more. He held himself back,
however, instinctively knowing if he did more she would be out of the Jeep and
buried back in her books.
He stepped back and looked at her, a bemused look on
her face, like she couldn’t believe what just happened. Good, he thought to
himself. It was only fair if she confused him, he should confuse her in return.
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Bio: Heather Lire has been telling stories for as long as she has been talking, at least according to her mother. After years spent in academia Heather was encouraged to share the stories she was writing and sending to her sister with the rest of the world.

When she isn’t writing – which is
never – she can be found attending whatever sport her sons are playing at that
time, accompanying her husband on his photo shoots and playing online.
For more information on Heather and
what she’s currently working on please visit her website
Second Chance at Forever is her
debut novel.
to Find her around the internet:


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    I think most of us found our love for romance in a small town library that carried mainly romance. I started with Amanda Quick and then moved to Johanna Lindsey. 🙂 Your book looks and sounds great.

  3. Heather Lire says:

    Thanks ladies…I hope you like it.

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    The book sounds really good. Thank you for the giveaway chance.

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