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February 10, 2010
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February 11, 2010

Hi! I’m Jackie Kessler, and I like to write about demons and angels, among other things. When I heard about the 28 Days of Heart, and that all proceeds would be going to the American Heart Association, I knew I wanted to write a Hell story for it, one that was about connection, and possibly even redemption.

The angel called Angel first appears in my second book, THE ROAD TO HELL, but you don’t need to read it to understand why Angel is alone outside the gates of Paradise…or why she feels so horribly alone. And you don’t need to read the first book, HELL’S BELLES, to know who the archangel is that she meets. (But of course, I hope you will read the books!)

Hell’s Angel is somewhat of a departure from the Hell on Earth series in that it’s not humorous, it’s not written in first person, and it’s not about the former succubus Jezebel. Whether you’re new to Hell on Earth or if you’ve read all the books and novellas, I think you’ll enjoy the story.

What type of movies make you cry? When was the last time you cried in a movie?

Oh God, I am SUCH a freaking sap. I cry at the drop of a dime. No, really. True love? I’ll probably get misty-eyed. A true love dying? I’m a goner. And if there’s anything in there about kids dying, forget it. I’m a mess. Get me a box of Kleenex, stat. I used to be such a hardass, too. I used to watch horror movies and laugh. Now I flinch. I blame motherhood. My kids have made me an utter wuss. **grins** I’m so damn lucky!

I just watched JACOB’S LADDER the other day (a psychological/supernatural thriller from 1990), and I was bawling my eyes out.

If could live in any century previous to the 20th, what century would it be and why?

Oh, heck no. I couldn’t live without my computer, the Internet, and email. I am a slave to technology. Sad, really. But if I had to pick something, it would be in an era where women could have full figures and not be told they needed to lose 20+ pounds.

Share a little about why you chose to participate in 28 Days of the Heart.

How could I not? It’s for a terrific cause. Heart disease is all too real; according to the American Heart Association, it’s the number 1 killer of women in the United States. I hope that our fiction helps raise not only money but also awareness about this disease.

Are your characters inspired by real people or events?

In Hell’s Angel, neither Angel nor her paramour are inspired by real people. I think of her as Innocence Slowly Lost, and of him as Innocence Lost Long Ago.

What do you enjoy reading? Can you name your five favorite authors?

In both adult and young adult, I’m a sucker for a great paranormal or urban fantasy, with some leanings toward epic fantasy. I also enjoy magical realism. For middle grade, I’m all about the urban fantasy.

Favorite authors? Hands down, Neil Gaiman is my favorite. He’s also my god of writing. I also hugely enjoy reading Heather Brewer, Jim Butcher, Rachel Caine, Rob Thurman, Richelle Mead, Michelle Rowen, Kelly Meding, Christopher Moore, Anton Strout, Mark Henry, Caitlin Kittredge, Michele Bardsley, Charlaine Harris, Julie Kenner, Amy King, Rick Riordan, Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson, Shannon Butcher, Jeri Smith-Ready…

Oh, you wanted five. Well, you have more!

Hell’s Angel
Where can an angel find comfort? A lonely banished angel sits outside the gates of Paradise, lamenting the joy she has lost. When she is joined by a fallen archangel, she learns that one doesn’t need to be in Heaven to experience bliss.

Books and stories by Jackie Kessler
Hell on Earth series:

  • Hell’s Belles
  • The Road to Hell
  • “A Hell of a Time,” Eternal Lover
  • Hotter than Hell (mass-market reissue coming September 2010)
  • “When Hell Comes Calling,” Lilith Unbound
  • “Hell Is Where the Heart Is,” A Red Hot Valentine’s Day
  • “Hell’s Angel,” 28 Days of Heart
  • “Hell Bound,” Those Who Fight Monsters (coming fall 2010)
  • Hell to Pay (date TBA)
  • “Hell’s Fury,” Mammoth Book of Hot Romance (date TBA)

The Icarus Project series (with Caitlin Kittredge):

  • Black and White
  • Shades of Gray (coming June 2010)

Young Adult novels (by Jackie Morse Kessler):

  • Hunger (coming October 2010)
  • Rage (coming spring 2011)

Jackie Kessler on the Internet

  • http://www.jackiekessler.com
  • http://www.jackiemorsekessler.com
  • Deadline Dames: http://www.deadlinedames.com
  • League of Reluctant Adults: http://reluctantadults.blogspot.com
  • Twitter: @JackieKessler, @JackieMorseKess
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jackie.kessler


  1. I loves me some Jackie Kessler. Every book I've read from her is AWESOME. She's a writing goddess. Can't wait to get my copy of HELL'S ANGEL!

  2. Heather Long says:

    Jackie is great, isn't she Michele? I was excited to hear about her participation in the 28 Days of the Heart as much for the story as for the cause!

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