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February 11, 2010
Laughter is the Best Romance
February 13, 2010

Greetings, Romance lovers! My name is Michele Hart, and I’m the author of Zero-G, a Sci-Fi Romance novella available at All Romance e-Books. Zero-G is proud to be a part of 28 Days of Heart, a collection of short stories brought together for you in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Proceeds go to the American Heart Association. Read for Charity! Healthy hearts for everyone!

What type of movies make you cry? When was the last time you cried in a movie?
Oh, the timing of this question is perfect. Usually I’m not a weeper for most movies, but I saw Marley and Me last night. Of course, we all know the ending even after only hearing about the movie, and it had me bawling, remembering my pets. It also comforted me to know my dog Rocket, although a mischievous, trouble-magnetic devil, is not the World’s Worst Dog. I remember weeping while watching Of Mice and Men and Wuthering Heights.

If could live in any century previous to the 20th, what century would it be and why?
I think I’d love any century where I could make my life out of the Earth. Farming or stonemasonry or carpentry, something physical. Writing makes you deskbound and depends on so many and so much technology, so I dream of living in simpler times of self-sufficiency. It’s strangely diametrical to my preference for writing Sci-Fi.

Share a little about why you chose to participate in 28 Days of the Heart..
Zero-G is a special story for me, one I’m going to hand to someone one day. There’s a lot of someone close to me in it. That the story will make money for the American Heart Association is such a wonderful bonus. And I thought a Hart should write for the AHA. : – ) I’m very proud to see Zero-G in the collection. I hope everyone enjoys it.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your stories?
I was very surprised to learn I could turn a love of science into Romances people would like. Turns out Sci-Fi Romance is a great under tapped genre. I invite everyone to check out the new Sci-Fi Romances coming out. Find a favorite author, follow them, and live out a futuristic adventure.

Reading romance reduces stress and can help relax you from your worries. Do you feel that writing romance helps you cope with your own worries and stress?
Oh, yeah, it’s a great outside-stress reliever to write. I can lose the world, shuttering up for a few months to write a story. Of course, managing elements of a story is an inside-stress thing, but one you learn to direct, as opposed to outside stress, which often seems out of our control.


Their love was out of this world…Maggie Gates was madly in love with shy Will Hudson in high school, but he never made his move.

Two decades later, they’re trapped on a lunar space station for eleven days. A relationship between the two should be off limits, but that isn’t stopping Will from setting his sights on Maggie for conquest in the cosmos. 

The shy boy she knew is gone, and this man possesses the will to storm her gates. Now he has the Moon and stars on his side.

For love in the stars, check out Zero-G at all Romance e-Books.

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