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February 14, 2010
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February 16, 2010

Our February Heart-to-Heart continues today with the delightful Samantha Sommersby and her novella Touch of Fire. Enjoy the interview, the blurb and check out the fabulous contest hosted by this terrific author. Without further ado, please help me welcome Samantha Sommersby to the Daily Dose.

Samantha Sommersby

As an author and lover of romance, matters of the heart are important to me. I was thrilled to have my novella, Touch of Fire, accepted by All Romance for their 28 Days of Heart series. Valentine’s Day is filled with imagery of hearts and flowers, expectations of boxes of chocolate, or dinners out. I love the idea of doing something to promote awareness, especially in women, about the importance of taking care of our health and our hearts.

Describe a moment that really tugged at your heart.

Recently my son had to do a project at school and he selected one that seemed pretty ambitious. He wanted to learn blacksmithing. My son was born with cerebral palsy and doing anything that requires a fair amount of dexterity with both hands is a challenge. He made a little film about his experience. When I watched it for the first time and he got to the part about how difficult it was for him because of the CP, the tears flowed. Despite the challenges, at the end of the movie he has such a wonderful smile on his face. I’m a very proud mama. (Go to Youtube and search MrMazzax – it’s called “The Blacksmith’s Apprentice”.)

Are your characters inspired by real people or events?

I think most writers are sponges. We soak up everything around us and all of that becomes grist for our creative mill. I recently turned Shelter From the Storm into my editor at Samhain, it’s a contemporary that will be releasing in the next few months. The hero is a social worker who works with abused children, which is what my husband does. Mac isn’t my husband, they’re very different. His experiences however definitely influenced how I wrote the character.

What do you enjoy reading? Can you name your five favorite authors?

My favorite genres are Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. My name is Samantha Sommersby and I’m a series junkie. Asking for a top 5 is tough and it’s likely to be different a week from now. 1) Laurell K. Hamilton, 2) Charlaine Harris, 3) Sherrilyn Kenyon, 4) Kelley Armstrong, 5) S. J. Day or Jeanne C. Stein. I love both Sylvia’s Marked series and Jeanne’s Anna Strong series and am hoping for more soon of each.

Reading romance reduces stress and can help relax you from your worries. Do you feel that writing romance helps you cope with your own worries and stress?

Wow, this is an interesting question. I recently watched a great Nova episode about dreaming. About halfway through it I was struck with the notion that my writing zone is probably very close to a dream state. That’s probably especially true when I’m writing the Forbidden series since it’s from the first person point of view. You have to go deeper when writing from first person POV, which is one of the reasons I’m so fond of it. The submersion process absolutely distracts you from those everyday worries. If I were to be honest I’d admit I sometimes have to set alarms to remind me to do things like eat of pick my son up from school.

Have you become more or less romantic since you began your writing journey?

More. And I see so much romance in the world. I see it in the every day gestures that I didn’t necessarily notice as much before. Could that just be maturity or something else? Absolutely. But I do wonder if the repeated act of crafting that arc and building relationships does make you more acutely aware of each of those little steps along the way that eventually lead to the happily-ever-after.

Touch of Fire

He’d brave the fires of hell just to hold her…

Firefighter Garrett Flint rescues the beautiful Nicole from a burning building, and then breaks all the rules by taking her into his home and into his heart.

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What’s the Fabulous Prize?

At the end of the month, I will fulfill the wishes of seven winners for a total of 28 books. Winners will be contacted prior to fulfillment just in case their top four selections has changed.

Why seven winners, four books each? Because I really want to encourage everyone to support this endeavor. With 28 titles to choose from in so many sub-genres, and for a super reasonable price ($1.99-$3.50) you’re sure to find some others that you can’t live without. Right?

About Samantha Sommersby
Samantha Sommersby lives in San Diego with her husband and son. In 2007 she left what she used to call her “real life” day job as a psychotherapist to pursue writing full-time. She now happily spends her days immersed in the world of the Forbidden, a world where vampires are real, where magic is possible, and where love still conquers all. Samantha is the author of over a dozen novels and novellas including The Temptation, book four in the critically acclaimed Forbidden series releasing March 5 and published by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

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