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September 30, 2015
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October 5, 2015

He’s single, wicked, and a perfect pretend boyfriend…but exactly who is she fooling?

A Wolves of Willow Bend Novella

Murphy DeWitt enjoyed two years touring American consulates in Europe as an assistant to a diplomatic attaché. It was a dream come true, and a hell of a learning experience. A master of languages, she knows how to get her point across. Romance, however, proves to be a tongue twister. Now en route to Willow Bend for a friend’s wedding—without the make-believe boyfriend she created for her family—she debates how to confess her deception. Luckily, her flight includes a fantastically hot wolf that leaves her breathless and contemplating all kinds of naughty things.

Giovanni Conti thrives on protecting others. As a Centurion for the Seven Hills pack in Italy, it’s his pleasure to serve his Alpha wherever he is needed. Dispatched ahead in preparation for the Alpha pair’s trip to Willow Bend, he has no problem entertaining the sexy wolf he encounters in the airport. The last thing the playboy wolf expects, however, is to find in Murphy the most captivating chase of his life…

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Series Reading Order:
Wolf at Law (Prequel)
Book 1: Wolf Bite
Book 2: Caged Wolf
Book 3: Wolf Claim
Book 3.5: Wolf Next Door
Book 4: Rogue Wolf
Book 5: Bayou Wolf
Book 6: Untamed Wolf
Book 6.5: Wolf with Benefits (Romancing the Wolf Anthology)
Book 7: River Wolf
Book 7.5 : Single Wicked Wolf

Read an Excerpt!

she withdrew a step as though to circle him, he pivoted and fell into step with
“You haven’t actually met me, cara.”
 “I’m batting a thousand today,” she groaned,
then juggled her items to offer her hand. “Murphy DeWitt.”
her hand, he lifted it to his lips. Grazing her knuckles with a kiss, he
inhaled deeply of her scent. Eucalyptus and mint layered beneath soft pear and
sage, offered him a deep breath of a bright, clean exotic morning. Savoring the
tingling taste on his tongue, he enjoyed the catch in her breath and the leap
of her pulse. All of the above were far preferable to her discomfort and
Ciao, cara, I am Giovanni Conti,” he pitched his voice low, trusting her
hearing even amidst all the background chaos of the airport terminal.
“Centurion of Seven Hills.” He added the last only to chide her a little for
not declaring her pack. She could be a Lone Wolf, the Americans had them in
spades. Like his Alpha, he didn’t see the point, but then no one asked him.
lightly, she requested he released her. Granting her desire cost him nothing.
“It’s been a while, since I’ve been around other…familiar friends.” The catch
and adjustment amused him further. “Willow Bend, I’m actually on my way to catch a flight home.”
eyes narrowed, suspicion creeping into the fragrance of her perfume. “Yes.” The
way she drew out the response tickled him further. So worried about giving away
too much.
At the rise of agitation and hint of worry, he motioned for her to continue.
“My flight is in the same direction.”
doubt threatened to skewer him at his response. Smart wolves didn’t take
anything at face value, and no doubt his scent confused her. He enjoyed the
conversation though he could mask his scent when pressed, a necessary talent
when living in the tight quarters of the eternal city.
course it is.” The bite chilled her tone. “Sorry, I’m not the type to believe
in coincidence. I just happen to run into you heading in the opposite direction
from your terminal?”
should you. My stepping into your path wasn’t coincidental.” The travelers
parted for them and he matched his stride to hers when he realized she hurried
to keep up with him.
sure whether to be worried or irked.”
about delighted?” He didn’t bother to contain his grin. “I caught your scent
and I had to see.”
you’re refreshingly direct.” They’d arrived near the gate for the Aer Italia
flight he’d also booked passage on when she slowed and scanned the seating
area. “And here I am.”
As am I.” He nodded to a pair of chairs alone near the glass. It would give him
a good view of anyone approaching and kept others from crowding them as well.
“Are you sure I can’t offer you something else to eat?”
sandwich will be fine.” Setting her bag next to the seat, she slid onto the
hard vinyl and crossed one leg over the other. The pretty little business suit
she wore was a far cry from the jeans he traveled in. “But feel free to go find
yourself something if you’re hungry.”
her for a moment, he canted his head to the side. “I’ve offended you.”
Americans could be touchy. His Alpha’s mate was an American, though she is Seven Hills now and we’re
keeping her.
She tended to get snappish and snarled when they overstepped
what she considered polite.
in the middle of opening her bag for her sandwich and water bottle, she locked
pale, pale hazel eyes with his. “Not at all…was I rude?” She pursed her
luscious lips, then frowned. “Donkey dung, I was rude. Please, Signor Conti,
accept my apologies. I have been traveling since before dawn and I’m anxious to
get home.”
apologies necessary, but if I may suggest. You’re hungry, you’re tired, and
people surround you. Perhaps a real meal will help alleviate your anxiety.”
Touching a fist to his chest lightly above his heart, he gave her what he hoped
was an encouraging smile. “It would be my honor to provide that for you.” His
wolf stretched within him as a couple eyed the seats closest to them. Sparing
them a look he nodded when they elected to take chairs further away.
love the thought of a hot meal, I love the idea of a hot shower more—however—my
flight is…” She trailed off as a gate attendant announced the delay of their
flight as the plane they would be using hadn’t landed yet. They expected it
within the hour and believed their flight would then depart an hour after that.
carefully contained his amusement at the annoyance flashing like quicksilver
through her eyes. Dropping the sandwich container back into the bag, she shook
off her irritation like a wolf shedding water after slipping inside from the
second thought, I would love something to eat.”
the pleasure of her company, he grinned and took possession of her carry on
before offering her his arm. To his continued delight, she placed her
well-manicured hand in the crook of her arm. Satisfied with her compliance, he
led her from the gate area and to the private area restricted for first class
passengers. By the time their meal would be served, he’d have her upgraded and
she’d have also had her shower.
Margo would say—win-win.

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