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September 14, 2010
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Letters to Juliet
Letters to Juliet is romance.

I got to watch Letters to Juliet yesterday when it came out on DVD. It’s one of the films that I really wanted to watch when I came out, but sadly, I just didn’t get to the theater. But I can say honestly, about this film, it was so worth the wait.

The Little Moments

Romance isn’t always about the great grand gestures. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s about those little moments, the little things that take your breath away. Not too long ago, my critique partner gave me the most wonderful compliment. She told me that she could see my couple falling in love, she could taste the differences in their interactions and that their love story made her heart beat a little faster.

It’s those moments that we remember when we think about the people we love. I remember my husband’s first words upon seeing me – to this day they make me laugh. I remember his goofy proposal. I remember how hard he worked to “show me” that I mattered. And after nearly eleven years of marriage and fifteen years together, he still manages to take my breath away.

Those are the moments we look for when we watch films and read romance novels. Those moments that take our breath away, that make us sigh and as my friend Nikki Duncan says, remind us why we love the ones we’re with just so very much.

I’ve never tried to categorize what it is about the romance genre that I love so much, but Letters to Juliet encapsulated it perfectly.

Love is about:

  • Hope for the future, for your relationship, for each other
  • Never giving up
  • Believing in yourself and someone else
  • Forgiveness
  • Acceptance
  • Romantic moments that leave you breathless

The premise in Letters to Juliet is that there is a wall in Verona where the lovelorn women leave letters that they have written about their husbands, boyfriends or loneliness. They share these deeply, personal moments of heart break and a group of women employed by the city gather the letters each evening and write responses to send back. Behind a brick in this wall, Sophie discovers a letter that has been hidden there for fifty years.

Claire wrote the letter when she was just fifteen years old. She wrote to Juliet because when Lorenzo asked her to runaway with him, to love him and marry him, fear held her back. She wanted Juliet to tell her what to do and fifty years later, Sophie answered that letter.

The journey in this film is in every way about love from the love families share to the love friends share to the romance of falling in love to rediscovering love once more,

Letters to Juliet simply made me sigh. If you have not had a chance to see this wonderful film and you love romance, I urge you to get it today. For me, it’s an instant classic and love story that I can watch over and over again.

What makes a tale a true love story for you?


  1. Brande says:

    I actually just watched it last night and loved it!!!

  2. Ali says:

    omg, I wanted to watch this, but haven't had a chance… well, after reading this post, I just bought if from Amazon *bg*

  3. Molly says:

    Now I definitely have to watch this movie. I love your idea of romance and it being held in the little things. =) Books and movies (well, art in general because you can't forget the romance of music) are such beautiful bringers of romance. If you get a chance, I highly recommend the book Soul Mate by Ronald Lewis Weaver if your life needs an injection of the romantic and ethereal. Thanks for the post!

  4. Heather Long says:

    I have officially watched it three times now, Brande — I really loved it. Ali, you are going to love it. It's just one of those kind of movies and yes, Molly, I agree – love songs do the same thing to me too. I'll definitely have to check out Soul Mate. Thanks for the heads up!

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