Ringing in 2011!
December 31, 2010
Reading Resolution: Getting Motivated for a New Year
January 6, 2011

Happy New Year! Have you all made your new year’s resolutions…. Have any of you broken them yet? That’s usually what I do. I’m great at resolutions. I can make a plan with the best of them. It’s the follow-through that I have a problem with. I’ve realized over the years that the problem with resolutions, for me, is that I make them too complicated. So this year, I don’t have any resolutions. Cue the collective Gasp!

Now worries-I have goals. I have “milestones” for the year that I am making plans to achieve. I know it might sound like a resolution but my motto this year is KISS or Keep It Simple, Stupid.

I don’t know where I heard that over my lifetime and it might not sound very nice to say but it’s a great wake-up call for me. It’s my way of staying mindful of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Keep it simple. OK, sounds easy, I can do that.

  • Write everyday, even if it’s just a few words.
  • If it’s not nourishing, either physically or mentally, don’t do it, don’t eat it and don’t buy it.
  • Be mindful when I’m with my family and friends. Block out all the mental clutter and just Be with them.

Milestones for my writing are easy to come up with. There is a contest in March that I want to enter both my current manuscripts in so that’s a concrete timetable for editing and polishing. Diet related milestones will come with how much less heartburn and physical issues I have related to what I eat and if I lose any weight. I’ve decided not to put a number on that and go strictly about how I’m feeling. I’ll let you know how that is going for me.

The “being mindful when I’m with my family and friends” is the one that will be tricky. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day grind and all the little worries and to-dos that are never-ending. That’s where the K.I.S.S. will come in for me. Instead of piling on the schedule for weeknights or weekends, I am going to work at un-scheduling. My criteria? Simple. Does the activity enrich one of us individually or as a family? Is it something that is of genuine interest? Is it necessary?

What are some of your resolutions or goals for 2011? I think it’s going to be one of the best years of my life. I would love to hear what you are planning for your 2011. I’ll be back in about six months for a mid-year check in.


  1. lindaandrews says:

    I've never made New Years resolutions until this year. Oddly enough, the only two I did make are copies of yours. Write everyday–for this I started a blog(although I don't post everyday)– and be mindful of what I eat and buy.

    So far I've kept both:-)

  2. Kimberly Quinton says:

    Good Job Linda 😉 Have to take it a day at a time. Good luck on the Blog- What is it, I'll check it out.


  3. It's at lindaandrews.wordpress.com and guess what? I'm still sticking to my resolutions.

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