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April 7, 2013
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April 9, 2013
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Some days it doesn’t plan to think ahead. You won’t hear me say that often. I subscribe to the theory that plans don’t fail, it’s the lack of planning that leads to failure. But if anything, all the planning in the world can’t help if you don’t get everyone on board.

For example, last night at nine-thirty, the Mini announced she didn’t have the plain black shirt she needed for her drill team clinic this week. Never mind that when I specifically asked her three days before if she had everything and to let me know if we needed to find anything over the weekend, she blew me off with a “MOM! I’m fine.” Never mind that I’d just worked all day long and was already in bed, staring glazed-eyed at the television and half-asleep, never mind that I asked her a week before, two weeks before, and three days before–she was frantic. We needed to go to the store RIGHT NOW.
Sigh. Mommyhood
The reasonable response would be “No, I asked you and you insisted you were fine because you were too lazy to actually check. So you’ll have to do without.” Which would ultimately mean she couldn’t meet the dress code of her clinic. Not a helpful response.
So what did I do? What most parents do, I got up, threw my clothes back on and a baseball cap to hide my scary hair and we headed out to get her a shirt. The whole time, I lecture her on lack of foreplanning on her part does not constitute an emergency on mine. 

Twenty minutes later, we exit Target, shirt in hand. Mini is busily thanking me for taking the time and apologizing for not thinking ahead. 
But a Shining Moment

I nod and mumble something appropriate like your welcome and thank you. She announces as we pull into the garage. “I am really sorry, Mom. And while I would like to promise to never do it again, I know I get distracted and focused on other things and I don’t always plan ahead, but I promise to try and be better about it.”
Yeah. Okay. At least that’s a reasonable response. 
Sometimes, You Have to Suck It Up

She has her shirt. She’s aware of what she did wrong. And from start to finish the entire exodus took less than thirty minutes. 
The moral of the story? Being a mom is all about responding to those moments, planned or not. And capping the entire evening off with a good night that goes like this:
Mini: Thanks again, Mom.
Me, obviously tired and not thinking anymore: No problem.
Dramatic Pause.
Mini: Ummm…okay, because I was already a pain in the butt, I won’t comment on that, but just for future reference, a twenty minute lecture on not planning ahead screams BIG PROBLEM. Thank you again. Night Mom, I love you.
Yep…schooled by the Mini!  
Happy Monday!


  1. Heather Long says:

    I'm sure that moments like that are coming unless he ends up like me and my scary OCD planning issues that drove my mom insane. She wouldn't do things until the last minute because of work and I'd be freaking out because I asked for something 2 weeks before when it was assigned. lol

    I enjoyed reading the blog, your stories about Mini make me smile.

  2. lorimeehan says:

    Love it. Your a good mom.

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