Let’s Play a Game – Win a Copy of Fevered Hearts #2

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With edits in full swing on Brave are the Lonely, the second Fevered Hearts novel, I thought I’d host a little contest.  This is open to anyone to enter and will remain open through February 14.  That’s right, a little Valentine’s Day for all my Fevered Hearts fans.   So what do you have to do?  It’s simple, answer a few questions about Marshal of Hel Dorado.  The more questions you answer, the more opportunities you have to enter the contest.

Every correct answer counts as one entry for that person, you can only enter once and those who answer questions correctly “first” get a bonus entry that makes it a little more fair for those who come along later.  But let’s have some fun with this, shall we?


1.  Who is the hero of Marshal of Hel Dorado?
2.  Who is the heroine?
3.  How do they meet?
4. How many brothers does the hero have?  (Extra points if you can name them)
5. How many brothers does the heroine have? (Extra points if you can name them)
6. Name one crises the couple must overcome.
7. Go to Chapter Five and tell me the first word of that chapter.
8. Who is book two’s hero? (If you follow me or read the sneak peeks, you can find this answer easily)
9.  Who is your favorite brother?
10. Tell me your favorite line in the book and who said it.

Extra Credit:  Ask a question about Marshal of Hel Dorado for others to answer.
Extra Extra Credit: Answer a question posed by another poster and get additional entries.

Pretty simple, right?

One answer gets you one entry, ten answers is ten entries.  I will draw the winner the week after Valentine’s Day and that winner will receive an early ecopy of Brave Are the Lonely before it is released in March.  Be sure I can find your email address either through your profile or in the post.

Happy trails!    

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