#ManicMondays are Witchin’ Hard with @ClaudyConn in the #MagicMayhemWorld

Witch Please! Take Time for a Sunday #SkinnyDip with @WriterDeanna #MagicMayhemWorld
October 23, 2016
Vampire, rabbits and wolves….oh crap! It’s time for a #RealityShift #MagicMayhemWorld with @HildieMcQueen
October 25, 2016

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Relying on Zelda to heal Kallem, Dilly is swept up into the raging battle threatening her family and her realm.

And then—the unthinkable.
The love of her life, Kallem, has betrayed her!
Her heart is breaking, but, with her world literally about to fall apart, she can’t take a ‘time out’.
If she doesn’t do something soon, her realm will implode, and if it does, it will take down the Human and Fae Worlds as well.
She is the ‘key’ and it is up to her to find a solution. Will she in time?
Find out more about Claudy Conn.

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