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November 29, 2013
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December 1, 2013

It’s been a great holiday week from cooking a big meal to spending quality time with the Mini to hanging out with some really awesome readers via Laura Kaye and Jennifer Probst’s release parties (hats off to these ladies because talk about off the charts participation and fun!). In fact, the secret I’m sharing today comes from those release parties. I asked readers to share their most romantic holiday memory or at least what they consider most romantic about the holidays. Unsurprisingly, a lot of readers said Mistletoe. Considering mistletoe is very popular in television, film and novels around the holidays and that stolen kiss or even innocent kiss can lead to so much–that’s not surprising.

So what’s my secret?  I’ve never been kissed under the mistletoe!

Marine Under the Mistletoe


“Parker. Jensen. Spence.” Lifting, clear and authoritative, the feminine voice silenced the boys in a way Aaron hadn’t managed. Backlit perfectly at the top of the stairs stood an auburn-haired woman dressed in a body-hugging sheath of a dress. “Aaron told you that was enough a few moments ago. And you didn’t listen. What have we told you about respecting our guests and circle members when they arrive?”

Only his training kept Kaiden from laughing out loud at the crestfallen expressions all three boys wore. Old enough to appreciate the woman’s beauty and too young to be more than tongue-tied around her, not a single one could lift their gazes to meet hers. Instead, they shuffled their feet and kept their heads down.

“That’s what I thought.” She smiled, and even from ten feet away, the promise of sunshine warmed him. “Apologize and excuse yourselves. I think you’ll find that the circle hasn’t been raked nor has the area been scoured for any leftover debris. You will work on that this evening and tomorrow morning.”

Aaron didn’t bother to hide his amusement and let out a faint snicker at the boys’ predicament.

“You can have Aaron inspect it when you’re done.” She tacked the last on as an afterthought, because while Aaron watched the boys, she watched Aaron and seemed to take note of his amusement at their discomfort. Disapproval echoed in the look she gave him.

He grunted, but didn’t complain. The boys cleared out without further warning and the goddess in the pale gray silk dress descended the stairs slowly. He didn’t get a glimpse of her feet, but the way the long skirt swirled around her, it gave her the effect of floating.


He parroted her tone. “Rowan?”

The man’s nudity hadn’t bothered Kaiden when he’d arrived, not really. He hadn’t been gone so long he didn’t remember the comfort most others had in their skin—hell, a comfort he’d once shared. But when Rowan achieved the last step, Kaiden fought the desire to strip off his jacket and throw it at the other man.

Realization dawned across Aaron’s chastised expression. “Oh. My apologies, you two haven’t met…I forgot. Rowan Harper—this is Lorraine and Henry’s son, Kaiden. Kaiden, Rowan Harper—she joined Blue Circle a few years after you enlisted, give or take.”

“Merry meet, Kaiden.” She smiled, walked straight to him and brushed her lips to his—the contact a violent shock to his system and he blinked once, going completely still. “It’s truly lovely to have you with us this year.”

It took his mind what seemed like a full minute to catch up. “Hello.”



  1. Louisa Bacio says:

    Mmmm, mistletoe! That makes for a fun scene, and what a great new-release tie-in!

  2. LOVED this book!
    Secret Saturday topics: What was your most interesting Christmas memory? Best Christmas gift received or given? Biggest surprise?

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