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November 10, 2009
Vampire Love Stories
November 11, 2009

You’re writing furiously, that’s good. Keep it up. Remember; hold off on the editing as you go. Although I learned from Rachel Caine that she goes back about thirty pages each day when she starts writing. She reads, makes minor adjustments and immerses herself in the work. She tweaks those pages, but the purpose is not to edit, but to write. I wanted to share with you my writer’s resources, sites that I have in my must bookmark list and that I visit regularly for research, inspiration and sometimes just support.

So bookmark these resources and tools:

Daily Writing Tips

FBI Statistics and More

Horror Writers Association

Margie Lawson

Online Thesaurus

Write or Die

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  1. krams1120 says:

    Thanks, you have a really neat blog here. 🙂 I am definitely going to check out a couple of those sites. 🙂

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