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August 9, 2010
Seismic Evil is Under Contract
August 12, 2010

Everyone is talking about Nationals, the fun they had and what you can look forward to.  Here are just a few of the blogs you shouldn’t miss this week:

Childs (Right) with the Midget’s other favorite: Rosemary Clement-Moore (Left).

Tera Lynn Childs visits Bitten by Books –  My daughter is a huge fan of this fabulous author that I was fortunate enough to meet at Nationals.  Childs autographed a copy of Forgive my Fins for her.  We then had to rush to the bookstore when I got home to pick up a copy of Oh My Gods and Goddess Boot Camp.  Out of the mouths of babes: “Tera Lynn Childs is totally awesome!”

The magnificent Tracey Devlyn (left).

Tracey Devlyn and Romance University –  Author Tracey Devlyn is a really fun lady that I had the pleasure of getting to know in Colorado last May when I visited the Margie Lawson Immersion weekend. Not only is she a brilliant author (seriously fun stuff), but she is just an all around fun lady.  She shares her experiences at Nationals so be sure to check that out and see that hot chick in the photograph with her, that just might be me!

The fabulous ladies of North Texas RWA.

Fiction Groupie – This is a blog that if you’re not following it, you really should be. Roni is so much fun and offers a lot of great contests, interviews, blog content and more.  Here she shares her Nationals experience and look, I get to be in another photo?  Are we seeing a trend here?

Do you have a Nationals story to share?

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