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September 4, 2012
Virginia Nelson: Comic Book Hypnotism
September 17, 2012

It’s easy to forget sometimes in a world of deadlines: release dates, manuscript submission dates, edits, and cover updates that one of the reasons I write is that I love doing it. I genuinely love to sit down in front of my computer and start building a world, filling it with texture, color, and emotions. I like to populate that world with characters and go on the wild ride with them.

As much as I write for readers to read, I also write because I want to know: “what’s going to happen next?”

Never has this been more true than the book releasing tonight at midnight from Carina Press.

I’ve been talking about this book a lot, counting down the days to its release and each day, I admit, I hyperventilate a little bit more. Why? Because I really loved writing this one. While every book is a labor of love and I adore my characters, this book became an experience to write-a very different experience from every other novel.
This wasn’t just a book I wanted to write, it was one I had to write. As the idea for it formed in my brain, it played out like the graphic novels I loved to read. I could see the color panels. I could see the inks. I could even see the special effects and the text boxes with the slightly tilted writing.  If you’ve ever watched a Marvel film–you know how they open it up with those flipping pages focusing on classic artwork from the comic books?
Then you’ll see what I saw whenever this book came to mind. Even as I typed in the word document, I saw those images. The closeups, the eyes–it all sounds rather insane I suppose except in my brain, when I finished it, I was closing the end of a delightful comic book issue and like all those issues I have read over the years, I couldn’t wait to get the next one.
To My Utter Delight

Carina Press called me last November–well Angela James did (*muah Angela*). I was out shopping for some new clothes for Readers n Ritas, a local reader conference. I was actually standing in the dressing room when my cell phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but it was from Canada and my heart was in my throat when I answered it with a “Hello?”
I remember pieces of that conversation–a lot like the same graphic novel I saw when I wrote this book. But the gist is, the story touched the editors and publisher enough that they wanted to give it a chance. Now, here we are all those months later and it’s about to be out there for you to read, to enjoy and with all my fingers and toes crossed–to see when you read what I saw when I wrote.
Can I Do It Again?

I’ve been touring this month, talking about all the aspects of Yesterday’s Heroes and each time I sat down to talk about the Boomers whether it was via an interview or a guest blog, I’ve had to fight to contain my “OMG!” reaction. I want to squee like a fan girl. I want to jump up and down and say please go buy this, please read it–please experience my world the way I did.  
But since we’re celebrating the wonderful NDulgent Bloggers today and their two year anniversary, I’m going to indulge myself with a little squeeing. About three months ago, I sat down to write book two in this (and this is where you all need to cross your fingers and toes for me), equal parts thrilled and terrified. Could I do it again?

Could I slip back into the colorful inks, broad panel pages, rectangle boxes and close ups on eyes and emotion? Would it be the same? Or was that magic spark just this one time fluke? 
Fortunately for me, book two wrote like the first one did–completely immersed in the beautiful pens and inks I could see in my mind. I let my muse off the leash and let her play–I sent her to frolic on the page and lost myself in a world that I wanted to read, flattered that I got to see it come to life. 
When you pick up Yesterday’s Heroes (and I sincerely hope that you will), let it indulge your senses. Smell the city, feel the passion, and hold on tight for a wild ride. Happy Anniversary NDulgent bloggers, you’re an amazing group and I’m thrilled to share my love of comics and heroes and romance with you every day.
From here to tomorrow…may your heroes sweep you off your feet!

Spread the word today and let me know where you did in the comments and your comment will enter you to win the book of your choice from my backlist! For every ten comments, I’ll give away one book. If we get to fifty, I’ll add a ten dollar gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice–so that’s six ways you can win right here in addition to the fabulous blog hop giveaway!

ORDER YESTERDAY”S HEROES TODAY! Let’s celebrate our passion for superheroes!

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    congrats on the new book. it looks awsome!


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    Thank you for sharing in this fun! I certainly hop the dressing room had a seat to plop down on when that call came through.
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