Model Marine: Candace Havens
December 26, 2011
Bargains and Betrayals: Shannon Delany
December 28, 2011

Michele Bardsley steps out of Broken Heart, Oklahoma and  into Nevermore, Texas and I for one hope she comes back to  Nevermore, again and again. I adored Gray and Lucy and the entire town of Nevermore. It begins as this blurry chalk painting, dark and diminishing and grows increasingly
vibrant with every page. The darkness that slides along the underbelly of Nevermore is balanced by the darkness swirling within the town’s guardian Gray.

Gray and Lucy are tortured souls desperately in need of each other and in Nevermore, Bardsley shows us just how possible that can be.

Don’t miss out on this dark, vibrant and sexy new world which reserved it’s top spot on my top ten last January when I was lucky enough to read an ARC.  I can’t wait to read her upcoming release Now or Never!

Never Again

Never Again

Lucinda Rackmore is a witch cursed… Desperation sends her to the last place anyone would think to find her … the small Dragon-protected town of Nevermore, Texas. To escape the wrath of her ex-lover, she must plead her case with the town’s Guardian—the man her family betrayed a decade ago.
Gray Calhoun is a wizard scorned… Gray wants nothing to do with the Rackmores, especially not the spoiled younger sister of the woman who sacrificed him to a demon lord. But when Lucy shows up at his door begging for sanctuary, he can’t turn her away.
Magic is love reborn… An infamous Rackmore witch isn’t the only trouble in town, either. Someone’s creating demonic mayhem—and murdering citizens. Only with Gray and Lucinda working together, can they hope to defeat the dark forces that threaten Nevermore. And maybe along the way, they’ll find that love is the strongest magic of all.

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