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October 19, 2012
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October 24, 2012

Okay, I’ll
admit it: Hook is hawt and the name Killian just adds to what makes him
attractive. Last night’s Once Upon a Time focused on Rumple, Belle, and Smee
(with some David thrown in) in Storybrooke and the parallel story of Rumple,
Mila and Hook in the Enchanted Forest. 
No sign of Regina and just the glimpse of Mary Margaret and Emma in a
photograph. But like every other hour of Once Upon a Time, I sat on the edge of
my seat—eager to find out what happens next.
Belle &
Her Beast
You know I
said this last February when we first met Belle, but I adore she and Rumple
together. Rumple is the Dark One. Love and revenge drive him in equal measures.
But Belle’s love softens those brittle ends, eases the pinprick of the blade—but
make no mistake he is a weapon and if you trip his trigger, well—you get what
you deserve.
Belle’s love
for her beast isn’t as unconditional as some might like, but I admire and
respect her strength. The episode began with a dream turned nightmare with she
and Rumple in the shop. Grumpy comes looking for his hammer and he accuses Gold
of owning all these items that don’t belong to him. When Rumple slams him up
against the wall, Belle begs him to let Grumpy go because he isn’t that man
anymore—but the green skinned imp flashes her a maniacal laugh and says he’s
always been that man. She jerks awake, and stares at the empty side of the bed.
I know it’s
the romantic in me, but I loved seeing that she and Rumple were completely
together. Because despite the age difference, those actors have great chemistry
in this role. She sneaks down and finds Rumple spinning straw into gold on his
loom and then he works on a potion. Belle is furious with him for doing magic
and he isn’t telling her why or why he brought it back. We know part of it was
because he wanted to take down Regina for what she did to Belle, and I knew the
other part—he wants out of Storybrooke. Losing Bae all those years ago has
driven him nonstop. He wants to get back to his son.
Rumple’s First Wife
flashback takes back to Rumple’s days as the village coward. His wife Mila is
not home when he gets back. Bae is there by himself. Rumple takes Bae into the
village to fetch his wife—who is partying at the tavern with some pirates. As
beautiful as his wife is, I experienced instant dislike for the woman. She may
have issues with  Rumple, but she has a
son. A fact she seems to be conveniently forgetting while partying it up with
Killian (Hook) and his boys.
When Bae
shows up behind Rumple, Mila immediately leaves and she and Rumple talk at
home. She would rather move to another village where no one knows her husband
is a coward. She doesn’t like being the coward’s wife. But then placates Rumple
by saying she will stay and try. Later, a woman knocks on the door franctically
to tell Rumple the pirates have taken his wife. He goes to fetch her, but when
Killian challenges him to a duel to win his wife back—Rumple can’t fight.
Killian mocks him and tosses him off the boat—Mila will sail with them to
satisfy his men.
Smee & The Beanstalk
to Rumple as the Dark One. Smee (for you Eureka fans wasn’t it great to see
Vincent again?) offers Rumple the magic bean that opens portals to other worlds
in exchange for immortality. The Dark One can’t make him immortal, but he does
offer to keep spinning the clock back as long as Smee brings him the bean. At
that moment, Killian and his men enter the bar—the Dark One smiles. He’s not
going anywhere, he has a score to settle.
Library of Her Dreams

After her fight with Rumple, Belle heads out to explore Storybrooke. She meets
Ruby at the diner and Ruby pulls some of Belle’s story from her and suggests
the library if she needs a job. It’s been closed forever. Eager to check it out,
Belle goes to find the window’s boarded up. But she can peek through one and
her eyes light up at all the books. (She really is one of my favorite
princesses).  Unfortunately, Smee shows
up and kidnaps her at that moment.
Rumple is
looking for Belle and he alerted her father that Belle was out there, but no
one wants to help Rumple because they all have an axe or two to grind with the
imp. Everyone, that is, except David. As acting Sheriff until his daughter returns,
David (Prince Charming) agrees to help Rumple find Belle. He remembers Rumple
telling him about the woman he loved and when Rumple confirms that is Belle,
David pitches in. They canvas the town and Ruby agrees to help sniff her out.
In the
meanwhile, Rumple asks David how it worked with he and Mary Margaret (Snow),
how did their relationship survive its trials? Honesty. David tells him they
always told each other truth, even the truths they might not want to hear. It’s
how it worked. He tells him there is a difference between literal truth and the honesty of the heart–nothing made that more clear than the curse. 
Belle’s father tries to reason with her because he wants her to repudiate the
Dark One, but she won’t leave the beast. So, her father has Smee take her to
the mines, he plans to send her across the town line where she will forget
everyone and everything.  Thankfully,
Rumple, Ruby and David save her with Rumple using magic to pull Belle’s mine
cart back. He also snaps her cuffs off.
grateful, but she’s still angry with him and her father. She tells them both
they don’t care about her because they aren’t listening to her and she stalks
The Captain’s Pirate Queen
In the
Enchanted Forest, Rumple connives an encounter with the Captain. The Captain
refers to him as crocodile thanks to his green and scaly imp skin. Rumple
demands to know where his wife is and the Captain lies that she’s dead. When
Rumple challenges him to a duel, the Captain has to accept. His men abandon him
because they are afraid of the Dark One. 
The next morning, he and the Captain duel—but when Killian is down and
disarmed, he is ready to kill him—but who should show up? Mila.
She wasn’t
dead, she ran away with Killian. She tries to bargain for their lives by saying
she has the bean he negotiated with Smee over. I loved it when Rumple kept saying “Tick, Tock.” She swears she never stopped
thinking about Bae, but she didn’t love Rumple. She never loved him. She fell
in love with Killian. Furious, Rumple takes her heart out and kills her.
personally? I cheered at this scene. Sorry, I don’t care who she loved—she abandoned
her son. Die you faithless wench, die.
Killian is
furious and upset because the woman he loved died in his arms. He tells Rumple
to finish it, kill him, but Rumple wants him to live with a broken heart, just
as he did. When the Captain holds the bean hostage, Rumple slices off his hand.  Killian attacks him with a hook, but he can’t
kill the Dark One and Rumple vanishes in a poof of smoke.
the Captain still has the bean and Rumple just has the severed hand—and still
no way to get to Bae.  Later the Captain
tosses the bean into the water and sails his ship to Neverland. Chills!
for Storybrooke Smee, Rumple found his hat in the mine and he holds Smee
hostage and demands to know where his Captain is, but Smee says the Captain
didn’t get pulled through with the curse and he doesn’t know why. But Rumple
isn’t done with him yet, after all, he messed with Belle.
Ruby gives
Belle the key to the library, it was delivered for her. She goes over and
immediately lets herself in, delighting at all the books. Rumple comes to tell
her the truth, he says why he is there and why he is doing magic. Because even
after all these years, he’s still trapped and can’t get to his son. Magic, he admits, is his crutch. His words
move Belle and she asks him if he’d like to get a hamburger with her sometime
and Rumple smiles. He would like that very much.
I really
want it to work out for these two. I admire her spunk in standing up to him and
his swallowing of pride to be honest with her. He will continue to look after
his Belle and woe betide anyone that goes after her.
Captain Hook…and Cora?
In the
Damaged Forest, Hook stands on desolate beach staring at an island in the
distance (I think it was where Snow’s Castle was but I could be wrong) and Cora
appears. She has the dust of the wardrobe and tells Hook they are getting
closer. They will soon be able to follow the others to Storybrooke. She can get
Regina—and he can get Rumple.
nothing good is going to come of that partnership…
But the
biggest boon of the night for me was the preview for next week’s episode. It
looks like a big Regina episode and focuses on whether or not someone is
bringing Daniel back from the dead and I saw flashes of Doctor Whale—as
Doctor Frankenstein. One of the two I speculated he might be! Can I have a whoo

Did you like last night’s episode? Do you want
Belle and her beast to work it out? 


  1. Heather Long says:

    Belle has always been one of my favorite princesses, too. How can I not love a princess with a weakness for BOOKS????
    That said, my ginormic crush on Rumple really makes me want him to get his girl. And his tender smile back toward Belle when he said, "I would love to," had my heart all aflutter (as did the gift of a library. How romantic!)
    Loved this episode and can't WAIT to see Doc Frankenstein in action!

  2. Ali says:

    I definitely want Belle and her beast to work it out! It would be heartbreaking if they didn't

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