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April 7, 2011
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April 19, 2011

I’m not a person who likes to pay to cry. I am purely a kick-butt and laugh movie watcher. However, I am a huge sucker for a story of surviving against the odds. Victims have always inspired me with their pure instinct of survival.

This weekend I took my daughter to see Soul Surfer. The story of Bethany Hamilton, a sixteen year old amateur surfer who fought back with faith after a near fatal shark attack that left her with only one arm.

Bethany’s story goes beyond survival—she conquered. Fears, doubts, and physical adversity were left behind to be sucked out into oblivion in a rip tide. She got back on her board as soon as she could and was competing twenty-six days after losing her arm to a Great White. She’s won National Surfing Titles, has made Mission trips with her church to help aid others after natural disasters, and has inspired millions with her courage.

Soul Surfer - Movie Tie-In: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board
Soul Surfer

That is the type of message I like to see in the media outlets. The spirit and perseverance of the human race. I have no use for pure slasher entertainment—that’s older than vampires for me. I want to be inspired to get off my butt and reach for my dreams. To dust off my brain and write something that brings joy to a reader. To show my kids through example, they can achieve anything their heart desires with faith, strength and courage.

Who’s inspired you lately? Share your everyday hero’s story. I’d love to hear it.


  1. Bet it's a great movie and one I admit I will probably avoid. I'm the mother of a sixteen year old daughter. I find it hard to watch stories about kids that age being hurt. Even if the payoff is a totally positive message in the end.

    Who's inspired me lately? Maybe not a who so much as a what. Spring inspires me as it throws off winter and recreates the world.

  2. Kym Roberts says:

    I have to admit it was too 'adult' for my daughter to watch. But I wanted her to see someone who had overcome tragedy and it was rated PG. (It really should have been Pg-13.) With all the girls wanting to be a Disney Girl, I wanted my daughter to watch an athlete with a deep conviction of service to her community and the world when she could have disappeared into a shell because she no longer looked society's image of 'normal'.

    I agree about spring. There's nothing like having the windows open and letting the cool breeze blow the fragrant scent of flowers through the house. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Kym Roberts says:

    I forgot to shamelessly use the site to wish my sister, and very first critquer, a very Happy Birthday! Love you Vicki!

  4. Misa says:

    I cry at the drop of a hat and I have to be in a certain mood, I think, to go to that place. I wish I could control those emotions! I cried at the commercial for this movie. I cried when I first learned of Bethany's accident. It was shocking and horrific and I agree with Regina… hard to take as a mother.

    I'm not sure if I'll see this with my daughter or boys right now, but when she's older, definitely.

    As for who has inspired me, I'd have to say all the multi-tasking women I know who manage to balance the elements in their lives so well. I'm espcially inspired by Elizabeth Pelletier, the founder and CEO of Entangled Publishing (and my new boss!) because I love her philosophy and approach to publishing and the crazy writing world.

    And I'm inspired by you, Kym, Ms. Super-cop!!!! I can't imagine ever doing the job you did for so long.

  5. I think I share your taste in movies, Kym (went to see Insidious this last weekend – scary as all heck!).

    I just read a story about a woman in Chicago who was worried about the type of life her teen children would have in a gang-heavy neighborhood. So she opened her doors – just started inviting the teens into her living room to watch movies, do homework, eat pizza. Now she has a whole house devoted to that end, and she's been known to have members of up to four rival gangs in a room at the same time. I love the idea of something as simple as hospitality actually changing her world. Very cool.

  6. Kym Roberts says:

    Bethany was blessed with incredibly strong loving parents and a solid family unit. What I liked about the screen play was that it didn't focus on the gore, it focused on Bethany's journey. What a remarkable young woman. She viewed every obstacle as encouragement to overcome, including fellow surfers who refused to give her a break. But 13 is a good age for this movie-sometimes watching emotional struggles are harder gore that isn't real.

    If you want to see the best multi tasker you need to look in the mirror! Meeting deadlines for your books, teaching classes, volunteering for Huge projects at your kids schools, besides the kids writing classes you teach. And then you're always there for critque partners when they need something. For you to add to all that with a new job at Entangled is just super human! You rock Misa.

    Wow Wendy, that is one brave woman. Not sure I would even enter the room without a vest and a gun;) People like her change the world one person at a time.

    Thanks for joining me today!

  7. Kimberly Quinton says:

    Great post Kym,
    I have to agree with Regina and Misa, I cry easily at just the commercial for such stories and the one that really got me recently was the boy in Australia when they had the massive flooding a few months back, asked the rescuer to take his younger brother first.. the younger boy was the only one to survive as his older brother and mother were swept away in the flood. I cried for days.. Tearing up now.

    Recently looked up volunteer opportunities at Human Rights Initiative in North Texas.. They do pro-bono work for asylum seekers/immigrants, and also women and children that are seeking asylum or smuggled here through human trafficking. These people are inspiring to me. Many Americans have no clue about what real struggle for survival can mean.

    It's always good to remember how good we have it and what we should be grateful for.


  8. I've been meaning to take my kids to see that movie too, Kym! I love inspirational books, movies, documentaries and to me, you can't have too many overcoming odds stories!

  9. Kym Roberts says:

    Good for you Kim! Human trafficing is a world wide problem and unfortunately Americans are a major source of the problem. I commend you for taking a step to help others. And just so you know, sometimes watching a story on the news is more emotional than working the story. Working it gives you purpose in life. I'm not saying some cases won't tear your heart out, but you'll witness so much strength you will be in awe.

  10. Kym Roberts says:

    Tracy the whole arm thing might be a little too sensitive for your kiddo's right now. Little Big-D gets stitches out tomorrow-Yeah! We're all thinking about you guys!

    Mahalo for stopping by today ladies. We're all here to make a difference, whether it's with an unexpected kind word, serving your local community or helping people of other nations. Catch the Wave and make a difference.


    Kym Roberts
    2011 Winter Rose Mainstream Finalist for
    Dead Right There-a Malia Fern Adventure on the island of Kaua'i

  11. Tahlia says:

    I love books that inspire. I mostly read fantasy but really good fantasy books inspire as well. I can't think of a recent real story though I bet's there's many in Japan, but I just read an inspriing fantasy called Mercy by Joshua Grover.

  12. Kym Roberts says:

    Hey Tahlia I will definitely have to read his book. I recently read Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson. Marcus is a Navy Seal who was the only survivor from Seal Team 10 from operation Redwing in the Middle East. It is a very compelling story of what our armed forces are facing every day for our freedom. Although heart breaking, I think we as Americans tend to forget the sacrifices these heroes are making for us and should keep in touch with their journey's of survival.

    Mahalo(thank you) will never be enough.


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