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August 26, 2013
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When the spirit fever struck a town, a village or an outpost, it left few if any survivors. The white man blamed the Indian saying they used their mojo on them. The Indians blamed the white man for angering the spirits. The survivors knew it didn’t matter. The Fevered were forever changed.

A gift he needs to tame… 

 Kid feels what the world around him feels, he is a raw, bleeding nerve, and he can’t control the pain anymore. After lashing out at everyone he loves, he agrees to an exile atop Quanto’s mountain to learn to control the power he wields. Desperate to end it, Kid battles with Wyatt the eldest Morning Star—hoping against hope that the man will kill him. He longs only for peace…

 A gift she wants to harness… 

Evelyn Lang grew up with a territorial judge for a father, and a secret—her father’s Fevered ability passed to her. When he’s killed in broad daylight in a little town in Kansas after freeing a slave, Lang is no longer bound by her father’s oath to never use her ability—now she must train it. She travels across hostile territory in search of the man who trained her father. She longs only for vengeance…

Tempestuous passions, opposing needs, and impulsive decisions divide them… 

 Conflicting goals put Kid and Evelyn in direct opposition. Her hunger for justice cuts him, but Quanto refuses his requests to train alone. Forced to train together, they must confront their deepest fears if they are ever to achieve their greatest desire….

 His pain. Her obsession. Their battle

Putting Heather on the Spot – 5 Questions for the Author

Because every release is a little different, we’re kicking off our release week with a Q&A brought to you by the readers themselves! The following questions are some that I have received from readers of the Fevered Hearts series–and from my girls who were there from day one.  Do you have a question? Head over to the website and submit it or post it in a comment and I’ll answer–as best I can–either here or in the next round of Q&A on Paranormal Romantics on the 9th.

Why did Molly have to die?

Let’s not start with the easy question! Actually, Molly died following Kid’s birth. Initially, I wanted a bachelor ranch because you have dad and his four sons, but it’s also a demonstration that life in the day and age was very precarious. Jed’s love for Molly was also a shining star in the story, a guiding beacon for his sons. All four want what their father found with their mother. Despite her death long before the series began, her presence remains a powerful force on the page for the Kane family. Miss Molly, of course, is the guiding force of that strong moral compass Jed infused into each of his sons.

Can the boundary ever be re-engineered and used against the Kanes to keep them in?

The boundary–you know when I first wrote Marshal of Hel Dorado and that boundary came up, I sort of sat back and went huh. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. The information the Kanes have on the boundary has been very spotty and the one man who might have been able to answer those questions has never made an appearance on the page. That said, you can never say never, particularly after what we learn about the barrier in Raising Kane.

It seems like Quanto’s death has been foreshadowed for the last couple of books. Is Wyatt going to take over training on the mountain when he does?

From the first chapter of the first book, Quanto’s age and infirmities have mattered. He’s done so much for his kids and not just their generation, of course the Morning Stars are the generation the readers are most familiar with, but in Raising Kane, you meet Edward Lang–Evelyn’s father. You learn that he too trained on that mountain. So how many has Quanto trained through the years? As for Wyatt, his relationship with Quanto is a decisive force in his life. What will he do when Quanto dies? Until we’re met with that deep river crossing, I really don’t know.

Nothing bad has happened to Jed since the beginning. Is there going to be a point where he is in danger and they all have to use their gifts against the big bad to help him?

Hmm, I don’t know that I would agree that nothing bad has happened to Jed–though most of it has happened off page. His wife died. His sons have struggled. He lost his best friend (Micah & Mrs Miller) and he saw the town he built have to be burned to the ground. That said, never say never, and it’s entirely possible that we don’t know all of Jed’s secrets…

How many previous students left the mountain with those pendants to give to their kids to use to find their way back?

As I said above, we don’t know how many have been trained by Quanto on the Mountain, though there are clues–including Katherine (mentioned in A Fistful of Dreams), and Edward Lang (Raising Kane), and others. Those pendants are out there.
Whew! Tough questions! Do you have a question about Fevered Hearts? Feel free to post. I may answer here in the comments or save it for another Q&A with Heather over on the Paranormal Romantics blog on September 9th. 

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