Sexy Superheroes – A Passionate Love Story
July 3, 2009
Rambling Romance – Coffee and Conversation
July 5, 2009

Romance stories make for the best reading. I love romance in everything I read from science fiction and fantasy to mystery thrillers to comic books and more.

The Human Condition

One major element of the human condition is our capacity to love. Another element is our desire to be loved. Romantic stories answer that basic need. We spent the last week exploring different passionate love stories from comics to television to novels to film. Next week, we’re going to spend some time on the paperback hero, what brings him to life? What elements are key?

For now, enjoy these beautiful clips of dance, the poetry of motion, the rhythm of the heart — the gift of romance itself.

Provocative Group Number

This opening group number for the top 14 is provocative and enticing. Passion is a key ingredient in many romance stories and this dance has a lot of passion.

Desmond Richardson

This man is a master of dance, exquisite and powerful. He performed during Thursday’s SYTYCD, I couldn’t find that particular clip, but this one demonstrates his remarkable gifts.

Romeo and Juliet

The ultimate in romance stories, Romeo and Juliet is danced so well by Melissa and Ade.

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